My favorite Lady Gaga Videos she loves meat dresses and meat purses!

Lady gaga wears her meat dress here at 6 minutes 33 seconds

Source: youtube.com via alan on Pinterest

GAGA my mother

Okay I started to make my own videos last month and I am using a course to learn how also I am using professional video editing software. So over time I should make some good videos. Here is some favorite videos of mine.

I want to alway do things myself thats the kind of person I am. I like bbq so I had to learn to smoke meat myself,I like thai-food so I learned to cook it myself.

I wanted to make vidoes so I am learning this also. Maybe I'll make a documentary on bbq. Leave me a comment on the videos and what you would like me to make. My friend Betty Hiller is the director.

First here is a favorite-video

Here are some friends of mine yelling at me to make some bbq

Please adopt a homeless cat or dog

I have been adopting homeless pets for years they give me love and they will be faithful friends. Please adopt one thru petfinder below.

If you like the videos

If you like any of the videos you can subscribe to the channel on the top right side of the video and please if you like the video vote like-yes thumbs up like the Romans did.

I am using my Hd camera from my computer to make these videos as soon as I get a good video camera-Im trying to decide what to get as there are so many cameras out there I will start making bbq videos also. Maybe Hollywood will give me a new career as a director,yes I am dreaming but who knows?

Jasmina the bbq cat acting human at the table

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how many cats do you know come to the table sitting in the chair? Well Jasmina does, while most cats stay on the floor or go walk on the table-this is one of my favorite-videos. Lets watch it now-click on the bottom left start it button-the arrow pointing to the right.

Jasmina requesting bbq ribs letting me know its ready

I'm inside drinking a beer its 100 degrees outside in phoenix but jasmina insists i go out and get her some ribs she will not stop meowing!

Favorite-videos Sci-FI turining blue after eating tofu

Yes some vegetarians had me grilling tofu that I thought was a steak. Yes they were alien vegetarians bent out on a mission to stop us bbqers from smoking and grilling meat on the earth. Look what happened to me as a real bbqer does not eat tofu. The side effects made me inflamed turning me red and blue. Is there any hope to cure me-only time will tell. Be on the lookout for part 2.

Jasmina likes to hog the chair knows how to meow

siamese-cats go beserk you have to see this

these siamese-cats dont like their master taking a shower,they are afraid that the bad water will attack her. why noy clean yourself my licking your fur?

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