The fire-pit something from childhood

Do you remember you're last fire-pit when you wee a child. Do you remember what that was like in the summer when you when your friends would sit around the fire-pit and roast marshmallows and pop some popcorn?

There is something very romantic about sitting around the fire place outdoors with friends and family and roasting some marshmallows and singing some songs. It harkens back to the times when our ancestors were hunting and living in caves and were able to stay safe and warm by having the fire pit going all night to protect them from wild animal and from the weather.

In fact there is some societies today that continued the tradition of having the fire-pit going the whole night. Not only to provide light and warmth but also to be used to barbecue meat. You knew I had to get back some way to the subject of barbecue.

I remember as a child being afraid of the dark especially in upstate New York where there was no lights outside and without the flashlight everything was pitch black. We used to sit around the fireplace all evening singing campfire songs and feeling safe against the dark night, and then when I was 8 years old there was no longer a feeling of being afraid of the dark as long as the fire-pits were kept going with wood and the darkness was no longer around.

So today as an adult I look back to the good times I had sitting around the campfire and longed to be a child again. Well realistically that is not going to happen but what I can do is re-create a little of the history by using the fire-pit again.

There is some very nice and inexpensive ones being manufactured these days so let's take a look at a few and see if we want to get them.

I was looking around for a good fire-pit that wasn't to expensive and one of my friends told me about the one below. Off course I went over to his house to see it in action and it works well.

The main thing about this fire-pit is not to leave it out in the rain otherwise it will rust-that's what happened to a friend of mine who came to visit me in the winter from Maine. He left his out in the winter and it rusted.

Well anything left in the rain overtime is going to rust even if you place a fire-pit cover on it so I don't have to worry here in Arizona where it only rains for 2 weeks in the whole year most of the years.

I still take it into the garage when I hear its going to rain. I only have to worry about rain happening most in the summer months here we call it monsoon season like the monsoons in southeast Asia.

What I like about this model is that the edges are covered in a pretty tile it looks really good when I invite my friends over in the evening to hang out in the backyard. You know that here in Arizona in the desert the temperature can from 30 degrees over the daytime to the night because there is very little humidity.

Its the humidity that keeps the heat in the air from the day-so if its 75 degrees here in the winter it can fall overnight easily to 45 or 50 degrees. So its nice to hang out in the backyard next to the fireplace and roast some marshmallows and have some popcorn popping.

the popcorn maker for the campfire

Here is the popcorn maker that we used when I was a kid to make my favorite snack after pork ribs with bbq sauce,some warm popcorn with sweet butter .

Yes its good for me to have real sweet butter on my popcorn. I use this whenever I have a fire going in the evening at my house or when we go camping in the mountains of north Arizona.

I don't like to microwave popcorn it takes all the fun out of having popcorn yes it is quick but it is not the real thing. the real thing is having popcorn roasting over a real fire in the evening with your family or friend. Now that is fun.

I like to pull out my telescope because here in Arizona we have some of the worlds best skies for observing the stars ad planets, unfortunately with all the growth here there is some light pollution.

Back to the popcorn maker here is the one to get for the campfire.

your kids should enjoy making real popcorn the way it was originally made with a littr oil in the popcorn maker and heating it over the fire-pits. Now that is fum listening to the kernels pop. It scary to think that kernels today mean something on the Mac computer when I was a kid it only meant popcorn!

Have the right furniture to hang out in the back with a beer

Whats great about being in the southwest is the weather most of the year, Starting in April until October it gets really hot here in the daytime so we all come out in the evening just like the desert critters. So we need some comfortable chairs to hang out in.

I found out that its not a god idea to sit on the ground here in Arizona the way I used to do in upstate New york there seems to be these tiny ants that hang out here besides your scorpions and snakes and spiders -and the big critters aren't the problem-its this tiny ants who like to bite you.

So you need a good chair here to hang out next to the fire-pits.

fire-pit goes well with the right patio-furniture

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