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Is there such a thing as a gas-barbecue? Is that the correct term or are we talking about gas powered grills? Barbecue is defined as the cooking of meat long and low at the temperature of around 225 degrees in most cases.

And in classic barbecue we smoke the meat with wood to give the meat a unique taste. Now what happens with a gas-barbecue is that we are in general heating at high temperatures the meat in order to cook it fast and serve it in the lowest amount of time

Review of the most practical grills for your budget

The good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a great gas-barbecue. The main criteria in my review is to locate the grills that are most practical for the lowest cost otherwise what I call the most bang for your buck.

And guess what-I have been using these grills for years.My grills are not fancy and will not make you a slave to your credit card. But there are always going to be people who want to show off and in the tradition of keeping up with the

Jones need to have the fanciest grill on the block.

Well if that's what you need to do then more power to you. I think you are better of spending your hard earned money on food and other things you need then spending thousands of dollars for a fancy grill. What I have noticed over the years is that the more fancy ad complicated the gas-barbecue becomes the less likely the owner is going to use it.

Best gas-barbecue for everything under 65dollars

There is nothing bad about this grill for this price except that you may get fat from having extra money to buy food.

this grill goes where ever you go-tailgate-party,camping,picnic,or use at home like I do when I don't feel like heating up coals. So which grill is sufficient for your needs? The lowest priced one that grills enough food for your family and doesn't make your life more complicated!

Isn't that what you want less complication in your complicated life? Pick a grill that is easy to use and sturdy made-that can use a portable propane tank of the disposable types or with an adaptor can use a large standard propane tank.

Your propane grill should have an electic ignition

This is the standard in quality grills that are made today to light the propane. If your gas grill doesn't have this get another grill. Is the grill you are considering made of cheap plastic and steel that is not stainless? then get another one. Does the grill have a handy tray to hold foods?

Does the grill have a night light?

weber Q320

yes you're asking if the grill has a night light and the answer is yes, and it also comes with adapter hose to hook it up to a standard 20lb propane tank, and it also has an electric ignition switch. just get a propane tank and your in business.

Why go Weber

Why go with weber? These grills have a 5 year warranty and are built to last that's why all my grills are from weber.

to top-of-the-line for me

this is the Weber Genesis Grill I have used it many times at my friends house, I wouldn't spend the money for this unless you are rich and need to show all that you have money.

aside from that opinion this is a very excellent grill and if you have the money this is the ultimate gas-barbecue.
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