Grill-accessories that will make your life easier

These are the essential ones that you need in order to be

The best bbq cook.

Grill-accessories are essential for several reasons-they

Will most of all make your grilling experience a safe one.

Everything in life these days is in a hurry.

With cooking in general we need to slow down to make the best food.

Off course you can get "drive thru" convenience

or "fast food" ribs in any

store or supermarket.

But that is the same like eating cardboard-when

I was in high school I thought that was good eating.

Not any more that I have grown up and have become a barbecue gourmet.

See if you can get your significant other to get you these as gifts.

Bbq-accessories are important in order

To make your cooking quick,simple,safe,and with a minimum of hassles. So they a look at getting these bbq-tools that I have used for years.


The Chimney-the easy quick way to start a charcoal fire

The chimney makes lighter fluid go away.

Never use lighter fluid as it makes the smoke bitter. And makes your bbq bitter as well.

Its easy to use the chimney-load the Chimney half way with brickets

Place a rolled one page of newspaper beneath The chimney

Take a match and light the bottom of the newspaper page on a concrete non-burning


In around 5 minutes you will have nice ashed coals on the bottom-when the coals

on top are burning-by wearing your mitts you transfer the coals to the charcoal pan

Using tongs to the bottom of your smokers bricket grate-thats all. Give up the lighter fluid addiction and you will see how much taster your grilled meats will be.

The same goes with lighter fluid laced charcoal give it up!

These grill-accessories are one of the most

important of bbq-accessories which is often

overlooked by beginners because they are

Used to using lighter fluid.

Stay away from lighter fluid-it is both dangerous

And makes you bbq taste horrible. Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter


Here are the tools you need to master your meat on the grill. Its very simple these bbq-tools are built to last,buy cheap things they will not survivie one summer. Weber Style 6445 Professional-Grade Stainless-Steel 3-Piece Barbeque Tool Set

Roast holders-Strong enough for a Thanksgiving Turkey

I use my weber roast holder to smoke a turkey breast or roast in the smoker

Every thanksgiving a 14 pound turkey,the

Rest of the time its great for holding any roast or brisket.

These grill-accessories will end the

disappointment of dropping a roast or

Turkey on the floor-it used to happen to me.

Think of the holder as an extra pair of hands.

Its strong and its cheap-everyone should

Have this as part of their bbq-accessories? Weber Style Stainless Steel Roast Holder 6436

Weber brushes to keep your house health good

I use the brushes to keep the grill clean Together with the steamer. This is essential for keeping things clean so you don't get sick.

grilling-accessories that you should not leave

The house without .

There are a lot of cheap brushes out there-you

will learn when the metal bristles falls out after

A few times using them. Stick with this brush which in my opinion makes the best grilling-accessories.

Weber 6423 12-Inch T-Brush

Cooking Gloves one of the important bbq-accessories

Cooking Gloves-You must wear cooking gloves to protect your hand when you handle the water

smoker or a grill .I have learned this the hard way

in my experience in todays world where we want

everything to be done fast.-Well bbq needs to be

Done slow!

Take it easy-life is good take it slow and wear gloves

The great thing about water smoking is its

Done slow. You need to do everything slowly.

The cooking takes between 5-10 hours.

Here are my recommendations for cooking gloves: Weber Style 6456 Grill Gloves

Barbecue Thermometer-essential Grilling-Accessories

You must have a barbecue thermometer to check the internal temperature of your meats

to make sure it is adequately cooked

Here is a good thermometer-its one of the most important grill-accessories you will ever buy,but you will use it everytime you bbq even when you become an expert bbqer who can look at the meat and know its ready

Here is a thermometer that lets you stay indoors and have a beer it works like a tv remote with radio waves-it lets you know the temperature from far away. It beeps when your close to your temperature to be cooked. Its great here in Arizonas on days where its just down right cold you know when its 100 degrees outside and I have to stay indoors so I dont get a cold.

Weber Style 6438 Professional-Grade Barbecue Beeper Digital Thermometer

A instant check thermometer is also one of the essential grill-accessories. Here is the one I use to check meat on the grill to know if its okay to eat. Weber 6419 6-1/2-Inch Digital Pocket Thermometer Keep your skin clean from grease and black smoke.

Dont let your significant other yell at you!-protect

Your clothes!

If your dog is helping you bbq-get him or

Her an apron too! Or your cat.

Believe me i have ruined alot of shirts and

Shorts by not waring an apron. Dont let you dog or cat run their fur.

here the apron I wear and it allows me to open bottles with the bbottle opener- an apron thats great lets me drink a beer while I barbecue

Apron with a bottle opener attached

Weber Style 6452 Barbecue Apron

Now that you got the grill-accessories get the right smoker

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