Grilled-Turkey not just for Thanksgiving anymore

When I was growing up grilled-turkey was only served on Thanksgiving and the rest of the year we ate chicken. I ate so much chicken when I was a kid that I felt I could fly that I would soon be growing feathers.

Grilling chicken and grilled turkey are 2 ways to make what is a dull meal into a great meal by marinating the turkey and then grilling on your grill or if you aren't able to grill outside you can pan fry the turkey in a Teflon nonstick frying pan with a little olive oil.

Grilling chicken and grilled-Turkey are best of by using the thin cut pieces of breast meat. You can pick this up in your local grocery in a family pack. There is a lot of companies now selling family packs of turkey breast also known as turkey cutlets.

marinate Your turkey breast

We like to marinate before grilling our grilled-turkey breast because it gives the turkey a great flavor, and makes the turkey meat more tender. This is very easy to accomplish with the use of an orange or lemon-based marinade.

I have made so many marinades in my life that they just fall out of my head these days. If you go to my marinade page you will see a list of general and Asian style marinades that the very delicious.
for Grilled-Turkey Let's go to the marinade
After we have marinated turkeyIn one of the marinades listed we will place the turkey in a plastic container or a Ziploc bag with the marinade for at least 4 hours in the refrigerator this will allow the marinade to soak into the turkey and give it a great flavor.

The use of a marinade today according to medical studies helps to prevent the formation of dangerous chemicals on meat during drilling over hot coals.


So we take the marinated turkey breasts out of the refrigerator and we set up our charcoal drill on medium heat to prepare for grilling our turkey. This is a relatively quick procedure.

Place the turkey breasts on the grill and cook each side for around 3 min. the breast meat soup turned from a pink translucent color solid to white solid color. You will still need to check the temperature inside the turkey breast using an instant thermometer.

When the internal temperature of the turkey meat is approximately 170┬░F it is safe to take the meat off the grill and eat it. We can make a site this of salsa or fruit salsa. Whatever you're in the mood for marinating the meat will make everything taste a lot better.

You probably won't have leftovers as everyone will want a 2nd helping our doggie bags to take the grilled-Turkey back home

Take a look at fruit salsa

If you're really lazy and don't want to make a salsa you can just grill some vegetables along with your turkey on the grill.

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