grilled-chicken-recipes some easy quick ones

The best grilled-chicken-recipes involve the use of thin chicken cutlets-in other words the meat from the chicken breast. This is the easiest way to grill chicken quickly over the grill.

Also chicken wings and drumsticks can also be grilled but are more complicated and do better if you smoke them in a weber-smoker. Thats how I feel about chicken but if you want to do chicken quick go ahead and grill the legs and wings over the grill

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Grilled chicken cutlets for grilled-chicken-recipes

Easy chicken cutlets on the grill-the thinner they are sliced before you cook the easier it will be to grill them. You can buy them sliced thin and then wash them in water at home. This is my favorite of the grilled-chicken-recipes

Get the grill going with the coals. Wash your hands

You will need some olive oil ,italian bread crumbs and 2 eggs,and parmesan cheese grated. Take your chicken-cutlets out of the refrigerator.

Crack the eggs and in a bowel put the eggs. Throw the shells in the garbage . Mix the eggs with a fork.

Take the chicken and dip them in the eggs on both sides now coat the cutlets on both sides with the bread crumbs-just dip each side of the cutlets in the bowel containing the bread crumbs.

Now place the cutlets on the grill. It should take no more then 5 minutes or less for each cutlet side to cook.You want the inside to cook over 170 degrees,check with the thermometer probe.

The chicken will go from the pink color to white when cooked. Take of the grill and sprinkle some parmesan cheese on them and serve immediately with salsa. Leftovers should be promptly refrigerated.

spicy chicken salad recipe easy

You will need the chicken cutlets,mayonnaise,vidalia onions,sweet red peppers and olive oil for the second of my easiest chicken-recipes.

Grill the chicken cutlets as in the above but this time skip the eggs and breadcrumbs.

Cut your chicken after grilling into short strips.

Wash your onions and sweet bell red peppers. Cut them into short strips.

If you don't like using onions you can use onion powder but it will not taste as good.

In a bowel mix 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise with three tablespoons of olive oil.

Add the strips of chicken red sweet peppers and onions. Now mix it all up and enjoy

If its to mild for you add some hot sauce to your taste

grilled-chicken-recipes need a great grill to barbecue on

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