Grilled-pork-chops greek style

Grilled-pork-chops are something easy to do. I was thinking should I even write about this but Burnt Edges my Siamese kitten said I had too. I always listen to the kitten.

After bbq ribs when it comes to pork I like both pulled pork with bbq sauce and grilled pork chops done the greek way with a greek salad with anchovies.

Now you can grill your pork chops plain or you can make them special. We will marinade them and then grill them greek style.

Most things grilled the greek way are done with olive oil and garlic chopped as a marinade . This gives a great taste to both pork chops and lamb chops.

This is a simple recipe it will be done quickly marinate the chops overnight to attain the best flavor.

If your looking for a low carb recipe this is one of them. Just skip the pita bread and chums and you'll be fine. Instead substitute some grilled vegetables as a side dish. take a look at some grilled vegetables to go with the grilled-pork-chops



Pork chops or lamb chops

minced clove garlic

feta cheese

olives with pitts removed

olive oil

black pepper to taste

one lemon

The night before you grill

Throw everything except the lamb chops and feta cheese into a food processor. Squeeze the juice of the lemon into the mixture. Pepper is according to your liking. Mix the marinate and spread the night before on the pork chops. Place in a closed plastic container in the refrigerator.

In the morning start a charcoal fire with your chimney.

Chops should be cooked on both sides for around 5-7 minutes each side.

Check temperature with your clean thermometer so you dont over cook.

Sprinkle feta cheese crumbled on top of the chops served with pita bread, and chumus.

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