grilled-vegetable-recipes good as a side

Grilled-vegetable-recipes are very easy to do and are perfect to complement your meats as a side dish. Some basic tips about grilling vegetables. Grilling-vegetables is a very simple procedure to master.

The first thing is to wash your vegetables well. Fire up your grill and place it on medium heat. Vegetables only take around 5 to 10 min. to cook on medium heat when you will know that they are done when the outer skin starts to blister and become brown and soft.

In general prior to grilling fellow vegetables we'd like to brush them with olive oil. Use regular olive oil because the extra-virgin olive oil has a fruity taste.I'll talk about some of the more common vegetables to put on the grill now.

Asparagus is a popular vegetable to grill. Prior to grilling asparagus brush with olive oil and place on the grill and watch to turn it over when one side starts to brown. This should take no longer than 4 to 8 min. to cook. Serve your grilled asparagus with sprinkle Parmesan cheese for the great barbecue side.

Bell peppers: another good vegetables for grilling. So wash open it up with a knife and take out the seeds and the core. The bell pepper into wide strips and brush them with olive oil. Place on the grill with medium heat and roast the strips excited for products on 4 min. to know that their red pepper is done when it starts to turn brown. There was no place for the red pepper to hide except in your mouth.

Corn is easy to grill. Open the stalk of fresh corn but leave the husk on and brush the corn with olive oil. Close the husk around the corner and stick them on top of the grill it should take approximately 10 min. to grill the corn.

grilled-vegetable-recipes for jalopeno

The jalopeno pepper is a pepper that many people can tolerate. But then there are people for whom this pepper is just to hot even thou jalopeno is down at the bottom of the hot peppers.

jalopeno can be made milder by grilling them and they are softer and taster in my opinion. Just grill them until the skin starts to turn dark and take them off the grill with tongs ,always wear your grill mitts. these grilled-vegetable-recipes are part of a healthy-bbq

Grilled portabello mushrooms with goat cheese

grilled-vegetable-recipes made easy for beginners this is one of my favorites-you know what makes goat cheese taste so good-there is a chemical similar to butyric acid that gives it that tangy taste. I learned this in college many years ago,

There are easy grilled-appetizers that you can make in a few minutes that will make your guests think you went to cooking school . But you did write here!grilled mushrooms

Grilled mushrooms are a great appetizer because they are meaty and easy to prepare. I like to use the big portabello mushrooms because they are meaty in fact its like eating a steak!grilled portabella mushrooms

get a box of portabello mushrooms and prepare them as follows :1.marinade them in a few hours in your favorite salad dressing-I think italian is my favorite. 2.Cut of the stems and prepare a fire on the charcoal grill get the fire going and then cook each side of the mushroom for 5-10minutes.

3.after cooking crumble your favorite cheese on top of the mushroom-my favorite are romano,parmesan,also great is goat cheese or cream cheese. 4.serve on a plate to your guests on real plates with a fork and knife because a grilled portabello is like eating steak.

Have some grilled-vegetable-recipes or tips?

Do you have a favorite grilled vegetable? What do you love and tekk us why. Share your thoughts here!

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Grilled Garlic Bread with Romano Cheese,Goat cheese and tomatoes

This grilled-vegetable-recipe uses grilled bread to make garlic bread which is delicious warm. Everyone I know likes garlic bread even my vampire friends. They just don't like to peel the garlic

IngredientsUse your favorite bread I like Italian because you have a nice rust to it.

olive oil regular type

10 garlic cloves peeled

Romano or parmesan or goat cheese. I like the taste of goat cheese best I think you will also

4 tomatoes sliced

pepper and salt Start the fire on the grill with a medium heat

Cut your bread into medium slices.

Brush both sides of the bread with olive oil.

Grill the bread on both sides until its toasty on both sides.

Peel the garlic and rub both sides of the bread with the garlic.

Place a thin slice of cheese and tomatoes on top of the bread and place on the grill until the cheese melts a little then take off.

Season with pepper and salt if you want too and enjoy

grilled-vegetable-recipes are great with salsa on the side

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