grilling-lamb is one of my favorite bbq meats. i love lamb for its unique savory flavor,and its high fat content make it very satisfying. If you have never had leg of lamb of a lamb-chop you are missing out.

Grilled-lamb is very easy to do . You can grill lamb on medium direct heat aiming for an internal temperature of 160 degrees f with your instant read thermometer. I like to grill leg of lamb. I developed a taste for lamb when I traveled thru the middle-east where it is very popular. Leg of lamb Is also very popular in the countries of Turkey and Greece and really the entire middle east.


Grilling-lamb especially leg of lamb is very easy. Many legs of lamb especially from New Zealand come with a built in pop up thermometer that pops up when they are ready.I do not find these thermometers reliable I have grilled many times where the thermometer never popped up.

I therefore say use your own thermometer to check for an internal temperature of 160 or use a remote thermometer as i have recommended.

marinate the leg-of-lamb

This is similar to the way you prepare lamb chops for grilling. You're going to marinate the lamb in olive oil with rosemary leaves that have been cut up and with cut up or minced garlic.

Place the lamb leg into large plastic container and add the olive oil with cut up rosemary leaves and minced garlic. Let this marinate overnight. Leave the marinade around the leg of lamb and let the marinade continue overnight or for at least 4 hours prior to grilling-lamb.

It will take approximately one to 2 hours for 5 pounds leg of lamb to be done. Of course this may vary depending on your climate and your grill,

you will end up with a delicious leg of lamb .

How to grill Leg-of-lamb

Place leg of lamb on your grill. prior to grilling brush the bottom side of your leg of lamb with olive oil and place on grill you can also brush the top with olive oil.

Cover the grill and check temperature in 45 min. The leg of lamb is very thick so it will take a long time to cook. Check the internal temperature deeply at 45 min. if it's over 160degrees f than the meat is ready to come to your dining table.

Go take a look at some thermometers for the leg-of-lamb

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