The rules of grilling-steaks as great as a steakhouse

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The question that we all ask - What is the secret of grilling-steaks? How-to-grill the perfect steak is what we are going to discuss today-questions? Contact me on the contact form on the about/us page

eople fail in barbecuing a steak because they cook the steak to long and dry it out.


Don't let a steak grill for more then

5-to ten minutes on a side.

It's really hard to kill a steak. I have

burned many a steak until I got my

techniques of grilling down.

Picking the right cut of meat. There

are only two great steaks to grill in

my opinion. You can never go wrong with

T Bone

or Ribeye

Now lets review the steps to grill the steak.

1.You have your coals in your grill with a ash white coating over them-

hey they are hot!

2. take your steaks out and proceed

to cover them with a light brushing

of cooking oil- I like a wok oil-with

with garlic flavor and chili flavor myself.

Why do I put a liitle oil on each side?

3.For the Rub-I then coat a slight

coating of my favorite rub on each

side of the steak before i grill it-it

definitely is worth the flavor-

You can skip this step and just barbecue

your steak-each side should be no

more then 5-10 minutes a side. You

want a steak that is moist.

Never over grill a steak!

Nothing better then a rib-eye on the grill

My favorite steak is the ribeye. When it comes to steak-grilling this is a most excellent flavorable steak to enjoy with family

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You owe it to yourself to try grilling-steaks with the best steaks in the USA. Here are some steaks that I have tried and they are the best on the grill. Restaurant quality steaks without the high price of the restaurant. Most of the time I get my steaks at whoever is local when they have a sale.

Steak rub Make it Youself

steak Rub-Make It for coating your steak. This is optional but I think you should try it on one steak and see if you like the flavor.

for grilling-steaks Buy some big containers of the following spices and save $$$

while you make your rub

mix chili powder

garlic powder

onion powder


ground pepper

brown sugar-optional

How do I mix it??

I get a big bowel and throw some

of everything together and stay light

on the pepper-experiment!

Mix everything together with a spoon

want it hot-add some cayenne pepper



Grilling the steaks

Take the Steaks

grilling-steaks You got your steaks oiled on both sides- Now sprinkle with your hands a small

amount of the rub on each side and

take the steaks to your hot grill and

cook each side for 5 to 7 minutes a

side-watch not to overcook-check

the internal temperature with a

thermometer like the one I

recommend in the cooking temperature page. you are in the temperatues in the internal part of the steak needs to be over 160.F

BigAl and my sidekick jasmine the bbq cat have barbecue wisdom from years of bbqing and grilling..But some people don't list and check out this video on what happens to his steaks from not following good advice and using charcoal.

great bbq video by the bbqpitboys

grilling-steaks needs a great grill so check out my recommendations

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