Healthy-barbecue Eating-healthy-at-a-barbecue

So you're invited to a barbecue this weekend. A healthy-barbecue takes some

work for a host to prepare.Eating-healthy at a-barbecue takes some work also if your invited. You dont want to pig out on the pig alone! What a lucky person to be going to a barbecue but dont eat the wrong things especially if you have diabetes or are overweight or have cardiac problems.

But it is important to eat healthy these days and watch what goes into your mouth both the quantity and quality of the food. the saying you are what you eat holds true.

Here are some pointers on what I do when I go to a barbecue-party.

Limit your intake of processed meats and sausage

There is much talk these days in medical circles that processed meats and sausages may contribute to different kinds of gastric cancers. It is best therefore to limit your intake of these products.

As for me I still eat sausage but I limit my intake to 2 sausages at the barbecue. I'm not ready to give it up completey

take the leaner cuts of meat if possible

When given a choice of eating very fatty brisket or eating lean cuts go for the lean cuts. You can have a little fat or a little of the burnt edges but we're talking here about a tiny piece. Medical research tells us to limit our fat intake and also to limit our intake of burnt food.

How to have a healthy-barbecue just limit the amount of fat to a tablespoon make sure you eat the rest of the meat lean.

I'm not ready to give up all my fatty brisket or fatty pastrami but if I have it once a week and go to the gym and work out then it's okay. Life is to short to not have fatty pastrami sandwich.

As the daughter of the owner of the famous 2nd Avenue deli in New York City once said it's the fat that makes the pastrami and brisket so tasty. That was the secret of great pastrami.

If you have medical problems with your cholesterol or heart disease or diabetes you should speak with your doctor concerning your diet and and tell them you would like to have once in a while a fatty brisket sandwich .

Eating salmon and fish barbecue is good

If the barbecue includes salmon and shrimp stock up on both. Salmon is healthy containing a lot of Omega 3 acids which are healthy for us. The same goes for the shrimp.

Grilled or steamed shrimp is healthy as long as we do not add any bad sauces such as those rich in butter or bad oils-olive oil is okay so is canola. So tock up on the shrimp at your next bbq.

drink unsweetened iced tea and diet soda

Unnecessary sugar is very bad for you. It doesn't matter if you don't have diabetes you need to stay away from the sugar or you may end up gaining a lot of weight and ending up in diabetic. Sugar is just empty calories. So to have a healthy-barbecue at your next barbecue-party avoid adding or using sugar.

So at the barbecue take unsweetened iced tea or diet soda. Use a little Splenda to sweeten the tea.

For dessert have natural fruit

If your looking to eat healthy take the fruit at the barbecue like watermelon and cantalope . Fruit is naturally sweet and will be also good for you because it provides fiber to prevent constipation.

There is enough sugar in fruit to keep you sweet. White sugar is just empty calories . In experiments when ants were offered white sugar vs unprocessed sugar they headed for the unporcessed sugar.

Share your cake with a significant other

If you're going to eat some cake like my delicious hot fudge cake or peach cobbler then I suggest you share your piece with a significant other.

If you're invited and going along because you're single why not ask someone who you're interested in to share your dessert with them? Not a bad idea just get two plates and split it in half with your potential date. You never know what can happen.

This person might end of your soulmate all because you ate healthy! ! your healthy-barbecue may end in bbq-love

Avoid eating multiple slices of bread at the bbq

I love bread especially when it's fresh and warm if left to myself I can eat half a loaf! So what's your next barbecue-party make sure you don't go overboard with the bread. You see bread is mainly carbohydrates which are converted the body to sugars. Stick to one piece of bread and enjoy the barbecue and load up on vegetables.

Take your leftovers home in a doggy bag

Don't feel you have to stuff yourself because of all the food you put on your plate. When you feel satisfied place your remaining food in a doggie bag or take it home in the plate with the cover on top.

You know it's not a pleasant feeling to be overstuffed! ask your host for a doggie bag and don't be embarrassed. your host will be happy that you like the food so much that you're taking it home it's a compliment.
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