Healthy-bbq some simple rules

Healthy-bbq is made easy by the barbecuer who follows some simple guidelines.

When cooking use the minimal amount of sugar or use a sugar substitute such as Splenda. For diabetics this is very important to use Splenda or avoid the use of sugar completey. You can still have delicious bbq without sugar.

Its the smoking that gives the meat the flavor. Try to avoid burning the meat,this is what causes dangerous chemicals to built up on the meat. These chemicals

Smoking the meat is okay as long as you do not burn the meat.

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Use of Carbohydrates in Barbecue

In general the less carbohydrates a person with diabetes eats the better his sugar will be controlled.

So we need to watch as much the carbohydrate intake from the diet and try to reduce it.

The wonderful thing about barbecue is that it is mainly protein and will not stress a diabetic unless he has renal problems. The best advice is to discuss your diet with your medical doctor and tell him that you like to eat barbecue.

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You can have a little chocolate and lose weight

If you are reading this page you are concerned about you health as you should be. I wrote these page to help you take control of your health. If your anything like me you will say to yourself you cant lose weight by eating a piece of chocolate cake-you would have trouble believing this-so would I.

But I was looking for a way to have some carbs and they have to be chocolate carbs in my life.

So I am telling you my bbq friends out there to try something I am eating so I dont get jealous of people who dont have to worry about there weight. You see when I look at food I gain weight!Healthy-bbq and chocolate go well together especially if you can walk it off in 7 minutes!

take a look at this low-carb-recipe for bbq sauce

Pick leaner cuts of meat to smoke or grill

For healthy-grilling its important to pick cuts of meat with less fat or have the fast trimmed. However with brisket leave the fat on,its a different story when brisket cooks.

Lean meat is especially true for people who have problems with their cholesterol and people who have heart disease or who have had a stroke. Also this is true for people who are overweight or obese.

Pick lean cuts of meat.

Barbecue and grill more fish and seafood.

When I think of healthy-bbq a grilled salmon fillet comes to mind or a plate of grilled shrimp. here is a recipe for salmon

Marinade the meat before grilling

Marinading meat before grilling has a protective effect against cancer causing chemicals that can occur during grilling.

Marinade the meat for at least two hours before you are going to grill the meat. take a look at some great barbecue-marinades

Use thinner cuts of meat when grilling

When the meat slices are thinner they will cook faster over the grill lowering the amount of time the food is exposed to harmfu hcas (see above). Less time on the grill to cook means less helth problems for you

Eat less processed meat such as sausage

I love sausage and used to eat it everyday. Unfortunately there are medical studies that show that processed meat increases certain types of cancer in the gastroiintestinal tract. Its proportional to how much of the meat is eaten.

So eat less processed meat and cook leaner thinner cuts of meat on the grill.

Use vitamin supplements

Here are some companies that i get my supplements from

Salmon a very healthy choice

Its great to have a delicious tasting fish that is also good for you when it is grilled or smoked.

Salmon is low in fat and carbohydrates high in protein and high in omega 3 oils which is good for the heart.

Salmon fillets are one of my favorites to grill and are quick to cook up.

On a grill you can add some wood wrapped in aluminum foil to give some smoky flavor.

Most seafood and shrimp grilled are smart healthy choices for healthy barbecue.

See more about healthy-bbq at my page barbecue-salmon

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Healthy-bbq think of grilled-vegetables

Mom was right when she said eat your vegetables. The good news is that by grilling vegetables you can enjoy healthy barbecue which is low in carbohydrates if you pick the right vegetables and they are low in sugar also.

Vegetables that fit this category include broccoli and cauliflower and red and green peppers. A pepper with a little kick is the jalopeno pepper which when grilled tastes great and is a lot less hot.

take a look at some grilled-vegetable-recipes

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