healthy-thai-food the reasons

What is it that makes heathy-thai-food so healthy? why is this? Because It contains lots of chillis which makes it healthy and good for our gastrointestinal system,helps lower our blood pressure and chase out bad parasites from our guts.

Healthy-thai-food is made to be extremely spicy causing every bite to have to be chewed slowly and savored causing us to eat less

Thai-cuisine packs a wallop when it comes to exotic tastes which helps reduce the amount of food peole eat. It is so tasty that you dont have to eat large portions in order to feel satisfied. This s extremely true as the food gets hotter from the addition of more chilis.

You just eat a little of the main ingredients and add some rice or rice noodles. You dont see too many thai people being fat like you see the obese people here in the USA

Cooking thai-food yourself keeps it healthy

when you control the ingredients you eat by cooking yourself you can make healthy-thai-food with all the thai-cuisine ingredients.

I monitor how much sugar goes into my pad thai and keep reducing it to less then one teaspoon.

I never add salt to the recipes the spices are salty enough.

Coconut-milk is an essential ingredient in thai-cuisine and is present in appetizers,main courses and desserts.

Coconut-milk is good for you

When used in moderation coconut milk is okay in my opinion. Its when we overindulge in it that we get to many calories and can get fat. People who follow a low carb diet and need fat can do well with coconut milk.

When used in moderation it helps people who are on low carbohydrate diets to lose weight. It is filling and an essential part of our diet. We need saturated fats in our diet to keep us healthy.

Coconut-milk is useful in people with irritable bowel disease ,it causes less indigestion.


Tom-yum soup a perfect healthy-thai-food

The soup is low in calories even if you add a little Thai coconut milk. But its exotic taste and the filling up of your stomach helps decrease food cravings. That's one reason Thai people are thin. This soup is one of their most popular foods.

Soup in general are a great way to fill up and reduce the food cravings that make people so fat in the Usa and western countries. Tom-yum is the right soup if you want to stay thin and is an essential food in thai culture. I lived there for several months in the 1980s. healthy-thai-food see the tom-yum recipe

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