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Have you ever had hisbiscus as a tea- a purple delicious drink made from the flowers? There are not to many purple drinks in the United States unless you know about jaimica. This is the spanish word for hisbiscus.

I first tasted this is a Mexican fast food restaurant where I had until then only ordered horchata-in spanish you say:

"yo quiero una horchata grande blee yello por favor" this means in english " I want one horchata large please without ice. My girlfriend taught me to make sure they don't fill your cup half with ice.

-You don't want them to fill it with ice because when you get home you can pour ice in yourself-you want your cup to be all horchata or jaimica. So say " yo quiero una jaimica grande blee yekki po fa-vor" I want a large jaimica without ice please. It will still be cold because it is keep in the refrigerator.

This flower is used to make some refreshing drinks and hisbiscus-tea in many parts of the world including Mexico,Jamaica,south America,Thailand Malaysia ans the middle east.

This plant grows in sub-tropical and tropical regions of the world. Most of the flowers are red or purple but their also are white varieties. In jamaica the locals like to add rum and ginger to their drink.

So the next time you come to the Southwest or in Mexico try ordering this cold drink in the fast food Mexican restaurant along with your burrito . You will ask for Jaimica and that's pronounced HA-mike-Ah.

The locals will think your one of us.You will see that in most Mexican restaurants and groceries that it is a purple drink probably next to the white horchata and other aqua frescas which in Spanish stands for fresh fruit drinks.

Jaimica is a delicious drink made from the dried flowers. It is very popular in Arizona. Next to Horchata it is my favorite Mexican drink. These two drinks are much healthier then drinking sodas with sugar and they taste great.

Whenever i go thru a fast-food Mexican drive thru I either get this drink or Horchata. Those are my favorites on a hot day here in phoenix. You will usually see at the bottom of the cup of your drink some dried flower petals.

There is some medical evidence that Hisbiscus flower lowers blood pressure and is also anti-parasitic. It does this by acting as a diuretic making you pee more and by affecting a chemical that makes your blood vessels conscrict called angiotensin.

It is also rich in vitamin c the vitamin that prevents the disease called scurvy.

Make your own hisbiscus-drink at home

Here is the way I make my jaimica drink at home. You can get the dried flowers in many Mexican groceries. Some American groceries are starting to carry Mexican products so you can ask the manager of the store if they can get it for you.

This drink is best served cold over ice cubes, that's the way it is served here in Phoenix.

Ingredients you will need

one cup of dried hisbiscus flowers

10 cups of water

juice of one lemon or lime

2 cinammon sticks

sugar or honey or splenda for sweetness

ice cubes


large pot for boiling

large jar to store

Preparation of the tea

Take seven cups of water and boil them in a pot. Take your dried hisbiscus flowers and add them to the hot water. Let this cool for half an hour in the pot. then you can strain it thru a sieve when it cools down.

Add the cinamon sticks and the juice of one lime or one lemon and refrigerate. place the mixture in the refrigerator and enjoy.

When you add the juice of as lime the drink will turn from purple to a more red color. Do not add sugar or honey or splenda until you actually have poured the cold tea into a glass. Now adjust the sweetness to your liking.

For authentic looking jaimica place a few of the petals in the bottom of the drink like they do in the Mexican restaurants. Authentic Mexican Beverages at MexGrocer.com

Jaimica at Amazon good stuff

This is good hisbiscus tea that I have tried I like it you will too.

Like hisbiscus drink you will love horchata

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