horchata a delicious drink

horchata and jaimaica in jars on counter

Horchata is a mexican drink made from almonds crushed and cinnamon and vanilla .It is served along with a nice barbacoa burrito. Remember barbacoa means barbecue in spanish.

It is wonderfully refreshing to drink in the summer when it's only 100° and very cool here in beautiful Phoenix.

Let me tell you when you live for a while where the temperature is hundred or 110 degrees F for 6 months then 100° is cool yes I am joking- 90°F is cool.

While this receipe is made with almonds there are several different recipes some of them call for rice which is something that is not used around here much.

Back to the drink,it is wonderful in taste it resembles milk water or soy water in appearance . The first time I had it was in the Mexican grocery and I was sure that it had milk inside. it is white in color but it is unique in taste and sweet and delicious. You will want to drink the whole batch.

There are other varieties and recipes but this type is the one that is served in my home when I make it. This is the way the fast food people in Sonora make it near me when I cross the border.

You know Mexico is the land where dogs run free? Thats how my ex girlfriend in Sonora used to call our beloved Mexico. She said you know you are in Mexico because once you entered from Arizona you saw dogs running around free . So next time you crodd the border to drink a horchata look around -you will see a few Mexican dogs wandering around free.

And forget about thinking that these dogs are all Chihuahua’s or whatever. They were just friendly dogs from the neighborhood trying to avoid being eaten by El coyote.

Can I make horchata ?

Sure you can its easy except for the almonds skins which you need to remove. So buy in the grocery almonds that are peeled already.


Ingredients For the horchata

So this is what we will need

A pound of skinless almonds. if you can't get skinless almonds anywhere then you'll have to get rid of the skins yourself it's not so bad you can boil them off more on that below

10 cups of warm water

1 cup of sugar

1/4 cup of honey

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

2 sticks of cinnamon

a glass jar or saucepan to strain to strain the horchata thru

juice of half a lemon

A blender Or food processor

1 blender, one large cheesecloth to strain the almonds

How to prepare this horchata

Like I said you got to get some peeled almonds otherwise we are going to have to peel them ourselves

getting rid of the almonds skins

If you live somewhere where you can't get skinned almonds that he'll have to do it yourself. How do you do it? you will have to boil a pot of water and then throw your pound of almonds into the boiling water.

The hot water will soften up the skin and then when it cools down you will be able to peel the skins off. That's how we do it here in Phoenix. After you get the skin soft you will be able to peel them off And then you can throw your almonds into a blender with a little water to make a paste of the almonds.

Put the paste in a large bowel and add the water and the lemon juice . Let this mixture stand for 3 hours cover it up and then strain it thru the cheesecloth.

Add the cinnamon sticks,sugar,honey,vanilla and place your strained horchata container in the refrigerator. It is best served in a few hours and will stay fresh for 2 days but you will probably drink it by then its that good.

You know we had some trouble finding a cheesecloth in Phoenix. When I asked for one in a store most people didnt know what it was.

It was funny to see how people hsd no idea what it was even thou they were working in the kitchen section of the store. But we were able to locate the cheese cloth at the specialty kitchen store.

I was able to make this authentic Mexican drink on my first shot you will also.

Authentic Mexican Beverages at MexGrocer.com

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