I was talking today to someone from Texas and that's why I'm writing a hot-guts-review.

You see I have been having problems with my labtop Wi-fi which is a another issue to deal with and he was based in Texas and of course I told him that I love Texas-barbecue.

He mentioned hot-guts and how he loves them.and we discussed the different types of hot guts. Then we started talking about hot-guts which is a type of sausage that is born in the barbecue triangle of Texas between Elgin,Lockhard and Taylor texas in the Texas hill country. Also there is a lot of smokehouses making hot guts in New Braunfels

And if you are a fan of hot guts you know that Texas makes the best. You see that German immigrants to the United states settled in this region of Texas accounting for the delicious sausage that comes from here.

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Proudly display your love of Texas Hot Guts on you

You love eatin the best sausage in the world called hot-guts so why not proudly wear the hot guts on you?

Types of hot-guts

Hot-guts comes in different sizes the most common being a quarter pound of a mixture of pork,beef and spices. Some common types are just smoked with hickory,others are filled with different types of cheese such as cheddar and mozarella.

We have not talked about the Texas-sausage that is truly Tex-mex where the sausage is filled with jalopenos to make that hot. That's how they got the name of hot-guts.

You see this Texas-sausage used to be a lot hotter 20 years ago but do to different tastes the heat was reduced. But there is a resurgence in making sausage again with more heat.


So we have discussed the regular versions of hickory smokeded hot-guts. There is also versions made sweet such as applewurst and of course the german favorite of bratwursts or for short- brats. Brats go great with beer.

These are no hot-dogs!

Do not mistake hot-guts with reguar hot dogs. I am sorry hot dog fans the day you eat a genuine hot-gut I doubt you will ever go back to a hot-dog

When in Texas

Make sure you visit some of the great smokehouses in Elgin,Lockhardt and Taylor and New Braunfels. This is the most fun a barbecue and sausage lover can have. Go on a sausage,rib and barbecue road trip.

My article is being still written and I will add part two later today or tommorrow discussing my favorite smokehouses for hot guts If you are a relatively new sausage producer of hot-guts I am always willing to review your sausage so contact me on my about-contact page and send me a sample. Believe me if its good you will know because it will not last around here.

The hot-guts-review is based on my taste-buds and my niece and family are chosen as they are very picky. Unfortunately they raid the freeer for all my sausage now and I nevr have enough for me


Three favorite types of mine for hot-guts

There are many places in Texas that make hot-guts and I haver sampled several. My favorites include the Tex-Mex sausage,the Cheddar tex-mex-sausage and the jalopeno tex-mex-sausage

Favorite hot-guts in Texas places

i first hit the Southside-Market in Elgin in the 1990s and loved there sausage or hot-guts. They were so good that when I moved to PhoenixI had them send to me and keep them frozen in the freezer. Then I cooked them up on the porch.


I like the sausage from the New-Braunfelds smokehouse,its one of my favorite hot-guts. They make some wonderful combinations of ingredients. You need to experiment and see which one you like the best but they have apple wurstmbratwurst,cheese sausage,jalopeno cheese sausage tex-mex-sausage,jalopeno,jalopeno etc.

They are fine hot-guts.

Differnt kind of hot-guts

I will review differnt types of hot-guts my problem is that when I receive the sausage i usually eat it within 2 days of receiving it so if you want a review you need to contact me on the contact page.

Please send me a case of your spicy sausage after I and the hound dogs eat it we will review it on this page. our thoughts are on the sausage and boy do we know sausage. hot-guts-review links to cooking-sausage Go to homepage

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