How-to-talk-bbq lingo for the unbarbecued

So you are living now where How-to-talk-barbecue is part of the local tradition and you have no idea what bbq really is.I got news for you most bbq lovers will speak in their secret lingo. So if you want to be part of the bbq you are going to need to master a few terms partner.

It very simple for you Don't worry.



So lets go over the most essential words that make the barbecue-lingo

#1. bbq-the science and food that is cooked slow and low around a temperature of 225degreesf to keep the meat from burning up and turning into charcoal. So we barbecue in smokers.

#2. Smokers-the secret weapon of thebarbecuemaster Big Al and bbqpitmasters. Smokers come in different flavors their are charcoal,gas,and electric. The best in my opinion are charcoal based and electric based. Charcoal gives the meat a special taste and electric smokers are for people who want the easiest way of smoking

#3. Pitmasters-the master of the meat,the holy priest who guards the smoker to cook the moist smoked meat such as butts we know as barbecue.

#4. Butts-another name for pork shoulder and pulled pork that make those delicious bbq sandwiches drenched in q sauce.

#5. Q-secret code word of the barbecue community refers to everything bbq,barbecue,barbeque even to brisket

#6. Brisket-this is the secret part of the cow that is smoked for hours in hickory to make great q originating mainly in Texas.

#7. Texas-one of the secret headquater's of one of the best bbq regions in the world. There is a a secret area called the barbecue triangle not to be confused with the Bermuda Triangle we are talking here folks about Texas Hill country.

Texas hill country part of how-to-talk-bbq

More how-to-talk-bbq lingo

8. fattie- a tasty bbq sausage for breakfast not to be eaten with burnt edges but savored alone.

9. Burnt Edges code word for how-to-talk-bbq for the crispy ends of a well smoked brisket that consists of crispy fat and some meat. Its delicious and a real treat to eat-similar to being luck to eating hot-guts.

10. Hot-guts the top secret code word for some of the best barbecue sausage originating from the Barbecue-triangle region of Texas Hill Country. Has nothing to do with Barbies. hot-guts are part of the how-to-talk-bbq secrets
#. 11.Barbies-the code word for our British friends for barbecue. Also used in Australia and New Zealand. This has nothing to do with the doll everything to do with good bangers.

12.Bangers-the code word for sausage in UK,Australia-wee are going to bbq some bangers on the barbie not hot-guts that we ate in Texas hill Country-understand?

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