so many different hummus-recipes

When i stop to consider how many different hummus-recipes are out there and being used i'm amazed. Chummus was not to popular in the us until recently due to the influx of millions of arabs leaving the middle east for the usa.

With them they bring a delicious cuisine thst is very delicious. I have some good lebanses friends who taught me the basics of lebanses cooking which is very delicious.

The countries of Lebanon,Israel and Syria share similar foods-including hummus,tahini and falafel. They all love sharwma and falafel in s hot pita bread.

Definitions of hummus

Its all about the chick pea which is ground into a paste and adding with cumin and onions and garlic and lemon juice and water and then tahini sauce is added to make a very deicious puree.

Also garlic is added and if you like spicy then add some hot jalopenos to round up the heat.

When i lived in the middle east and went into a fast food hummus restaurant they always had hummus-recipes that were spicy and also some that would put your mouth on fire.

The antidote for the hot peppers was the pita bread which cooled down the mouth considerably when eaten alone.

Here in the USA try eating white bred if you are attacked by an over heated pepper.

Better yet is to avoid being a victim to a pepper by building tolerance to the heat of the pepper which takes a lot of time.

When I go down to Mexico now around twice a month on the way to the beach I always stop at the local taco stand outside in Sonoita Mexico just over the border from Arizona in the town of Lukeville Az.

The stand owner knows me as the gringo who can eat a Habanero pepper without dying. It took me 12 years to achieve this but I stay away from Habenero sauce now due to my bad stomach and just use Jalopenos they are hot enough for me.

Bach to the hummus-recipes

So how do you make your hummus spicy and give it some zing? Here is the hummus just follow my hummus recipe on that page and add some chummus and jslopenos say three chopped to the hummus .

Stir it around and you will have a very tangy hot hummus spread to enjoy in your pita. Add in your pita some salad of lettuce tomatoes and onions all chopped up and you have a delicious veggie meal that is high in protein snd low in carbohydrates.

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hummus with tahini sauce

here you are going to mix 50 percent tahini sauce with equal amount of hummus and cover with one teaspoon of paprika and one tablespoon of chopped ciantro or parsey. Tahini sauce if it comes in a concentrat needs to be mixed with water according to the manufacturers directions. Again tahini sauce is made of ground sesame seeds and is off white in color.


Add hummus to any grilled lamb for a delicious taste sensation. It also goes well with chicken or beed as a side dish. When i was writing this up eatlier today i was very sleepy and the words came out garbled and did not make sense-do you want to know why?

i'll tell you because i use a dictation program called dragon for mac to type up my pages it usually works well but once in a while it gets its own mind and writes weird stuff which is what you read earlier today.

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