i cooked my boyfriend ribs and surprised him with the sodastream machine

by sally Ann
(Galveston texas)

hi big al ,

my boyfriend likes bbq so I used my weber smoker-my grandpa taught me to smoke here in texas/

I like this guy who likes bbq and thought it might be good to try out your sodastream idea it sounded good to me .

He likes diet soda so i tried the diet pink grapefruit which i know he likes
alot. he was so surprised when I asked him if he wanted some of his favorite soda and was starring at me the whole rest of the night with a smile.

We have been dating for a while i told him i wanted to get more serious well he called me up and said he is thinking we should get together like move in and he wants to get engaged.

I think it was the differnt sodas and my smoking him some ribs

you are cool and i hope that you get the best. thanks for helping me snag him with bbqlove

Sally Ann

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