Jalapeno-peppers are a part of the Bar-B-Q of the Southwest and especially of Texas. Since 1999 I don't think there's been a day that I haven't eaten a jalapeno-pepper. day are the entry peppers for us gringos who are not used to eating spicy food.

I remember the 1st time I ate a slice of fresh jalapeno pepper. My mouth was on fire and I ran to the sink to drink water. Well that didn't help at all. Luckily my girlfriend who is Hispanic told me what to do.

She said during some milk and eat some white bread that will take away the burning can you mount. And that's exactly what happened to drinking milk taking some dairy product and eating some starch will destroy that chemical burning feeling.

The burning is due to chemical in the pepper called Capsaicin. This is the chemical that gives the chili pepper such power as you go on to more highly spicy peppers. it is the substance that is used to make pepper spray that drives away people and bears.

Jalapeno-peppers are good for you

How can I say they are good for you? There are a number of beneficial facts that have come out in medicine pertaining to the use of peppers in our diet.

Before I even get into this I can tell you one of the best thing about eating peppers every day is that you never got I have to worry about getting constipated because the peppers act as a natural laxative.

When you start eating peppers you need to go slow and only eat the little piece. You need to develop tolerance to eating peppers and that can take some time. These days I can eat of jalapeno pepper without any burning.

So what are some of the benefits of eating peppers? According to science the peppers are very good at helping you lower your blood pressure, There is also evidence that they have an anticancer effect.

Have you ever had a stuffed nose? Especially in the winter you northeastern people? Well you know what even in the Southwest we get colds here also you know when the temperature goes down to 80┬░ it can be downright cold when you're used to the temperature being 100 for at least 6 months.

So when I get a stuffed nose you know what I do? I usually eat some salsa with jalapeno-peppers that opens my nose and I also eat some Tom Yum soup which is hot and packed with some Thai peppers which are a lot hotter then jalapeno-peppers. And that takes care of my nose problem my nose opens up and I avoid having to take certain chemicals that only work for short period of time and then you knows closes up again.

Some great recipes using jalapeno-peppers

In Southwest cooking, and then in tex-mex cooking the use of jalapenos is all over the place. I especially like jalapeno-poppers and stuffed jalapeno besides putting jalapeno in my salsa.

How to handle peppers

When cooking with hot peppers it is best to wear plastic gloves when handling and cutting them. You don't want the oil of the peppers to get into cuts in your hands it will burn like hell.

And especially you have to watch out that if you're not wearing gloves that you don't touch your eyes because if you do you will be suffering a lot exactly the way someone feels when they get sprayed in the face with pepper spray.

After handling peppers without gloves you need to wash your hands with soap and really scrub to get that oil from the peppers out of your hands.

Aside from this Peppers a really good for you now that I've scared you.

Make a salsa with jalapeno-peppers

Here's Chef Buck shows us how to make these version of jalapeno stuffed peppers

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