make-bbq-sauce without catsup

make-bbq-sauce without catsup. You can really do it and I'll show you how. Break the catsup addiction because catsup is not good for you.

Catsup is a really bland concoction that has no zing or bite to it. I think catsup was made for ease but when you get down to it your better of dipping the meat in plain mustard.

When i was a kid I got my first taste of homemade-barbecue-sauce in upstate NY when I was send to day camp. I never wanted to have catsup again on my hot dogs or hamburgers but the camp counselor said no bbq-sauces for you.

So I revolted by doing the haunted house carnival in my day camp carnival. I was supposed to smear blood (catsup) on the blind folded guests who came thru the haunted house. I was so upset about not getting any homemade-barbecue-sauce that I poured the entire bottle of catsup on some busybody 's head and then I walked out of that day camp for ever.

I dreamed of having tangy spicy hot barbecue sauce someday but living in the cold Wasteland that was New York at that time-it was not to be.

Growing up without bbq-sauces and Catsup Abuse

We in the cold reaches of the northeast were subjected to catsup abuse around the clock for lunch and dinner. On our fries and burgers . Then on visiting the south I received enlightenment into barbecue sauce. Finally I learned of the tomato and mustard based sauces.

I was driving down in the carolinas for vacation specifically in South Carolina when I ran into some bbq joints and asked for some sauce and was given a yellow connection.

they told me that they make-bbq-sauce without tomatoes Where is the tomato I asked and the Pittmaster looked at me in shock. We don't use tomatoes in this neck of the woods.

Well the sauce was excellent. I was afraid they were going to run me out of town for speaking about tommatoes

Making tomato based bbq-sauces

Make-barbecue-sauce with natural ingredients if available okay no one wants to puree fresh tomatoes so I'll let you get away with some cans of tomato sauce.

If you want some kick go ahead and add chili powder even hotter get chiles and grind them yourself but that would be too much work so lets go with chili powder.

Now we are going to add onion powder and garlic powder just like in onion and garlic potato chips. Lets give it some tang with some apple cider vinegar.

Do you like sweet and sour soup? Well we need some sweetness in their out choices could sugar or molasses or honey . If you have diabetes we can add 2 packs of splenda to the completed sauce If you are ready my friend here we go to make the best-barbecue-sauce-recipe.
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