Using the meat-thermometer and checking temperature

Use the meat-thermometer to make your life and meat moist and not dry. My mom cooked our food to kill the bacteria by making everything well done but it also made the food dry and dull.It's important to know when you are barbecuing that the meat is safe and ready to eat.

You need to check the meat with a good quality thermometer. There are some with dials that you stick into the meat yourself but then there are electronic meat-thermometers with probes that let you monitor the temperature from inside so you can do important things-you know drink a beer or watch tv.

Besides it is very important to know for food safety, and your health that the meat is safe to eat.

Ever had a meal go up in smoke because you got pulled away from the grill? The new meat-thermometers with a remote probe solve this problem.

Also, I grill a lot about 5 times a week. Having a thermometer with the remote probe saves me the constant going back and forth to make sure that I'm not over cooking.

This saves a lot of those trips out to the grill to probe the food and eliminates the need to open the grill cover and lose all that heat. Just stick it in put it on the grill and forget about it. Its like having a barbecue assistant out there.

The secret of good barbecue is constant

low temperature for long periods of time,

keeping the water pan full and adding 10

coals per hour to the coal pan to keep the

heat going-using your mitts to open the

smoker top and checking the meats internal


Cooking-temperatures are given below you will need to check them with a good thermometer,my recommendation is always to cook a little longer

Cooking-Temperatures Is it done? Where to place the thermometer tip

Stick the thermometer in the thickest part of the meat in several places-stay away from touching bones as it wouldn't give you the right temperature! Always wear cooking gloves to protect hand!

Is it ready? Cooking-temperatures are below the below temperatures are in Fahrenheit F.

Pork Ribs cooking temperature

3 pounds should take 1 and a half hours. well done is when you stick it in the meat

and its around 160 degrees F.

155 to 160-the temperature for pork to

be medium well to done

I usually cook my pork ribs longer on

the smoker say for 5 hours-I want my meat

to fall of the bone!!

Beef ready temperatures with the meat-thermometer

130 degrees f rare cooking-temperatures

130-135 medium rare

141-150 medium well done

156 over well-done

Chicken ready temperatures

180--the whole chicken is done cooking-temperatures

175-chicken breast done

171-chicken thighs done

Lamb ready temperatures

Lamb cooking-temperatures 131-rare

135-medium rare

141- medium

150 -medium well


Remote thermometers for monitoring meat

When I started barbecuing in the Stone Age there were no remote thermometers. These thermometers allow you to be inside and via radio waves allow you to know what the temperature of the meat.

Some of the thermometers have not been so hardy however so it's good to buy an extended warranty with them. they really are indispensable in freeing your time. here are 2 thermometers that I recommend Maverick Industries ET-73 Maverick RediChek Remote Wireless Smoker Thermometer

Here is a good thermometer to check your meats internal temperature

This thermometer is what we use to check out the temperature manually in the days before there was remote thermometers. They are still very useful today outside and in the kitchen. CDN IRXL220 ProAccurate Insta-Read NSF Large Dial Professional

Thermometer to check surface temp of the grill

Here is a thermometer that allows you to know what your grill surface temperature is and if it's hot enough to start drilling. It's not necessary because when it's hot enough that you can place your fingers thereby than its hot enough for a steak. Polder Grill Surface Thermometer, Silver

now that you have the meat-thermometer tempertures go get a thermometer here

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