memorial-day-bbq it's time to celebrate the freedom

Memorial-day-bbq is all about honoring the fallen and celebrating our freedom in the United States against all the dictatorships in the world that have tried to destroy us.

Do you want to make your Memorial-day-barbecue a great success? Then you have to follow some simple rules that go well with all backyard-barbecues.

And you know what the secret is of course if you've been reading this website the answer to a great barbecue on Memorial Day is to have great food present and plenty off it.

There was no excuse for inviting people over to your barbecue only to tell them that there were no most seconds of this but you can have some of that.

I am writing this article today is March 2012 and you have plenty of time to prepare for Memorial Day but don't wait for the last-minute.

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Memorial-day-bbq tips for great barbecue

Memorial-Day-bbq is coming and you're going to have a barbecue. So how do you prepare for holiday barbecue? There are several tips that you need to know now so you can plan well and have a successful barbecue.

Number 1 make sure that you have enough food that will give guests can have seconds if they want to. There is nothing more frustrating than to be at the barbecue enjoying something and going back for seconds only to be told there is no more food.

If you're going to have a barbecue double up on the food. Instead of buying very expensive needs go for more reasonable needs that you can afford.

It's better to have seconds or thirds of bratwurst than to have a small piece of baby back ribs with no seconds helping. believe me your guests remember what was served and going away hungry.

Number 2 prepare your food the day before you are having the barbecue. It's okay to grill your meats and have everything precooked as long as you refrigerate your food right away after cooking it. The next day life will be a lot easier with you only having to warm up the food.

Number 3 have some Western music playing on the stereo to liven up the party yes that means having some nice country music going to put people into the mood of the barbecue.Have some party faorites.

You can even do a western theme at the party

Number 4 make sure you have diet soda and diet drinks like diet iced tea available for your guests. Today many people who do not have to worry about diabetes like to drink diet products as not to have to take in extra calories in sugar. These are empty calories.SodaStream Penguin turns tap water into sparkling water in elegant, earth-friendly glass carafes

Number 5 have some delicious chocolate desserts at the end of the meal. People love chocolate it doesn't matter what kind it is as long as its decadent and classy what comes to mind to me is chocolate cobbler also known as hot-fudge-cake.

You can also have fruit desserts for people who can't eat chocolate because they are watching their calories. But they can certainly taste it.

Number 6 provide doggy bags so that people can take home your delicious food and they can't finish it at the barbecue.

This is the way you can score points with your guests people like to eat so make sure you have 2nd helpings and provide doggy bags so they can take your delicious food home they will be thinking about you only good things for a long time.

Dont run out of soda make it yourself like I do

You can never have enough good drinks at the bbq-party on memorial-day or any other patriotic holiday or for that matter any time you have a bbq-party. U was tired of lugging around soda bottles sio I make my own soda so easy its great and costs only 25 cents a liter instead of 1.50 at the grocery and the flavors are so much betterGive the gift that truly sparkles! A SodaStream soda maker is a refreshing gift for anyone who loves soda or seltzer.

Number 7 plan to have some activities for the kids if you're inviting children to your barbecue. Rent a clown or tell or read a story to the kids have some games for them to play while the adults are eating and stuffing their faces.

Number 8 use paper plates, forks, spoons, knives. You really don't want to have to wash all those plates forks knifes and spoons right? For the memorial-day-bbq you have enough work cooking the food.

Number 9 invite your neighbors to your barbecue. Even if you have nasty neighbors the best way to get them to be your friends is to invite them to your barbecue when you're having a lot of guests.

They will be surprised that you invited them and you will convert enemies into friends.

Number 10 check on the weather forecast a few days in advance of your barbecue. If it's going to rain outside you may want to reconsider changing the date the next day or the next weekend because nobody's going to show up for an outside barbecue in bad weather.

Number 11 have a singles table for your singles friend so that they can feel comfortable and again tried to mingle with other singles for the can get married and have children your single friends will really appreciate you doing this for them.

Number 12 when providing foods for your barbecue try to avoid foods that have common allergies for example avoid foods that have peanuts in unless you post the sign next to the food that says it contains peanuts

Number 13 it's Memorial Day or any national holiday make sure you're flying our flag proudly at your barbecue.

Have a great Memorial-Day barbecue. Make it a great day with a great bbq-party where you remember the fallen and fly our flag with pride.

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