New-Zealand-bbq a beautiful country with bbq-lovers

New-Zealand-bbq is alive and thriving on this beautiful 2 island country in the south pacific. This English speaking island nation is blessed with having a mild climate and beautiful beaches and coastline in which to throw bbq-parties.

New Zealand cuisine is similar to Australia and these two countries cuisine is similar tothe United Kingdom.

New Zealand has unique contibutions to their cuisine from the Maori tribe the native people who settled New Zealand.

The Maori people who are indigenous to New Zealand prior to european settlers arriving. Their bbq is called a hangi where they dig pits in the ground cover the bottom with stones and do a barbeque over these hot stones for several hours in their village.

Like australia much of the bbq goes on near the beach but New-Zealanders also barbie (barbecue) their bangers (sausage) in their backyards and live a very much outdoor lifestyle due to a healthy climate.

New-Zealand-bbq is big on bangers and shish-kebabs such as shrimp ones and also lamb. The country has a very active sheep raising and much of the time it is exported to the rest of the world. I usually buy leg of lamb in my grocery that is aa product of the country of New Zealand.

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New-Zealand-barbecue parties

What else is served at a New-Zealand-bbq? The drink of choice as you can imagine is going to be a cold icy beer.

In addition because this country is right on the sea all kinds of seafood are grilled on the barbie-all types of fish such as paua and shrimp. A national favorite lamb is also grilled as lamb chops. Popular sides in this country are similar to the ones in the united states including potato side dishes and grilled vegetables

Some New Zealand slang terms for food you should know

When you visit New Zealand there is a good chance that you will be invited to a barbie on the beach or at a backyard-bbq. Here are some terms that you might hear at the party. At the barbie you many times will hear the word potluck and byo.

ByO-bring your own beer or wine

greasies- fish and chips

fizzy drink- soda


potluck-bring your own contribution to the barbie a plate of something

pudding -dessert

tea-evening meal


snags -sausage lamb is a favorite



barbie-the barbecue

Try some kiwis its delicious

Dried kiwis are delicious as a candy,i have been using this for years. It tastes like kiwi candy.

New Zealand and Australia have a lot in common when it comes to barbecue as they both have and enjoy a outdoor lifestyle. Both countries use outdoor grills and smokers similar to the united states and great Britain. The use of mango is a common dish in New Zealand barbecue.

In New Zealand they have an interesting bbq club

The Kiwi bbq club in New Zealand sounds like alot of fun.If I ever move there I would definitely join after reading the 21 reasons to join. Here is the link if your a member let us know how the parties are!
New-Zealand-bbq has the kiwibbq club reasons to join

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