Outdoor-cooking is all about barbecue

This s how our forefathers and ancestors cooked-. Outdoor-cooking was the normal way food was cooked in ancient times because the dwellings our ancestors lived i were not equipped to handle smoke and heat.

You know where our forerunners lived in ancient times? The answer is in caves with one entrance in. If you didn't have a cave to live in you were out of luck and slept on the ground and what kept you safe from lions and tigers and bears at night?

The sacred fire pit called in the west indies barbacoa. Any resemblance to barbecue? you better believe it.

How our ancestors did outdoor-cooking

They dug a deep trench in the ground where it was soft and filed that area with wood. They lit the wood with fire and then placed meat above the fire on their sacred skewers above the fire.

Then sometimes a wild animal would smell the meat cooking and try to take it away other times it would fall into the pit and become part of the meal.

Things were tough in ancient times for outdoor-cooking but there was no other choice until electricity was invented many thousands of years later and food could be cooked indoors if you want to call that food.

My friends does cooking with microwaves taste good -the answer is no way! Electricity and ,microwaves are good for heating up things that were cooked the old way with direct heat-grilling or indirect slow heating-namely the barbecue smoker.

There is now the electric-smoker

This is an advance for outdoor-cooking especially since it also has a probe for checking internal meat temperatures. But still in my heart I know it doesn't match the taste of slow cooked barbecue over charcoal. Tis is great for at home smoking if you dont want to really watch the meat. It is the highest tech meat smoker I have had the privilege of evaluating.

Choosing the right grill for outdoor-cooking

this is dependent on many factors but the most important are where are you going to grill most of the time or are you going to take the grill with you on a camping or hunting trip? 72-hour Survival Kits

What you need to take on a camping trip for outdoor-cooking

If you are heading camping this spring what are you going to take with you if you are going to be fishing at a lake? How are you going to cook your fish. What I like to do is use my charcoal weber go anywhere grill. I take it on all my trips when I'm going to be close to a lake where I can go fishing. Its easy and econoical to make a fire with this grill and one bag of charcoal is more then enough. If I didn't have charcoal I could still use wood with this grill to cook some fish

A necessary evil

Most caveman and ancient ancestors did not like to do outdoor cooking. They all wanted to go to a fast food drive thru except their was a problem- they had not been invented yet? So the caveman was stuck in his backyard grilling and smoking his meat to make the best of a camel and coyote.

Times were hard getting wood you had to watch out that the animals were not going to get you and change you to a hickory bbq. Now we have the luxury of living indoors where we don't have to worry about the dinosaurs eating us instead we have to worry about the coyotes hanging out with us and eating our food.

A few years ago I went camping overnight in a state park here in Arizona and had the campfire going all night,when I awoke there was a coyote sitting watching me sleep-he was more interested in some grilled fish that I had not put away properly so he could not smell it-so you know what I did-I gave him the fish by throwing it too him.

outdoor-cooking deserves the right grill

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