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Pad-thai is so tasty and easy to make. The pad-thai-recipe is varied in Thailand as around the world. You can make it with chicken,shrimp,or vegetarian,tofu and also use whatever your imagination can come up with.

this is the Thai-cuisine signature food well known and loved thru out the world. i will show you how easy this is to make with ingredients.

You need to buy the below ingredients and have available fresh eggs and peanut oil and fresh peanuts. I use frozen shrimp which I thaw out under running water. Check the instructions on your bag of shrimp.

The basic pad-thai-recipe uses egg,rice-noodles and pad-thai-sauce.

It is up to you to change it to your likening. Pad-thai sauce is a very tasty sauce consisting of galanga ,fish sauce,tamirand,palm sugar,thai chillis and other ingredients such as lemongrass.

These exotic ingredients are what makes pad-thai so delicious. Pad-thai-recipe is also made better by adding quality coconut milk at the end.

Buy it from Amazon the brand is Aroyd-d it is the best coconut milk especially when stored in the green paper containers which are similar to the tetra pack here in the USA.

stop wasting your money at a thai restaurant

I love pad-thai but it cost 10 dollars for one serving from my local pad-thai restaurant. I decided many years ago to make it myself.

I can make 6 portions using my below ingredients from amazon and save money by investing in ingredients below and a wok.

Make it yourself and impress your friends and family. So tell your family to go out and get the ingredients here and you will control the ingredients going into the wok.

Pad-thai i make each day on the stove

Here is a picture taken 4/13/2012 of some pad-thai I made. The ingredients are rice noodles,2 eggs,2 chicken breasts,and pad-thai-sauce.

You can add shrimp,dry radish and tamirand paste which is what i do. I also add some palm sugar and ginger. There are so many ways to make pad-thai.

I make pad-thai every other day and make tom-yum soup everyday. you will love this.


Get a wok like mine

This is a similar wok to mine you need to season it which is easy to do. I used peanut oil to rub around the insides than burn it on high heat from the gas it will smoke and burn off.

Once you do this your wok will be non stick. you will clean the wok with a brush and wipe it clean after use to prevent rust.

follow the directions that come with the wok to season it.

Whats great about this wok it sits flat on the heat which is a major advantage.

Pad-thai-recipe is very easy with this wok highly recommended and you can use this wok also to make tom yum soup.

Thai-cuisine made with another great wok

This wok is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil saving you the cumbersone task of easoning your wok which esentiually meaning burng up the oil in the wok after coating it lightly on the sides and getting the wok so hot that it burns the oil into carbon.

The oil turns black their is a lot of smoke you need to keep the windows open when doing this. Well this wok has had it done for you and that's a pleasure.

What makes it so good? Pad-thai-sauce ingredients

So what are the different ingredients in pad-thai-sauce? Lets review them:

Tamirand is thr fruit of the tamirand tree that has a spicy sweet taste that is unique. This tree grows in warm climates. The fruit comes in pods similar to the carob tree.

If you never had some you are missing out. It is used to make candy in Mexico and in thai cooking.

Fish sauce is a staple in Thai and laiotian and most southeast cooking. It is similar to the use of ketchup here. Fish sauce is made from anchovies which are small fish rich in salt.

Galanga is a root similar in taste and look to ginger root. they are called rhizomes. It is very healthy and digestive aid with a very wonderful aroma.

Lemongrass is a plant that like its name smells like a lemon.

Soy sauce-your typical soy sauce? no this is thick and sweet

palm sugar-made from the sap of the palm tree which grows all over in warm climates. it is especially made from coconut palms.

Chili powder-made from nice hot Thai chilies more heat then in jalapenos and its dangerous.

Shallots similar to garlic

Really good Pad thai sauce I use

Get some really good pad Thai sauce and use the pad-thai-recipe to save you money. Instead of going out and spending 12 dollars for 2 servings do it yourself at home.

It is so easy,you will wonder why you didn't try it before. This sauce is mild and can be made stronger by adding some hot chilis.

But I have a feeling you will like it as it is. This is the genuine sauce straight from Thailand.

Order this today and do not eat it straight from the bottle I know its delicious but use it to flavor the noodles.

Rice noodles essential ingredient

Essential for Pad-Thai and better then sphagetti because its rice noodles tastes a lot better. you will like this and never go back to wheat noodles. stock up on this at amazon.


In 4 cups of warm or hot water in your wok soak several servings of thai rice noodles.

Drain the noodles after 20 minutes and add pad-thai sauce to taste and wait for them too soften up. Set aside in plate these noodles.

In the wok add two tablespoons of vegetable oil and either add shrimp,or chicken and beef. Add two eggs and stir around in wok. you can add dried shrimp and dried radish to the eggs.

Let everything cook and stir it and then after 10 minutes go back and add the noodles into the wok and sir everything.

Cut up some washed green scallions which will be used as a garnish. Sprinkle over the noodles and serve. Also sprinkle with diced peanuts if you like.

Lobo pad thai mixture-easy pad thai better then in the restaurant

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When i am in a hurry this is so easy to use. you just take some oil throw it int a skillet heat up or cook some shrimp or chicken or tofu then add the pad thai paste and stir.

You can add an egg to the wok and toss it with the sauce. Then you open the peanut pack and sprinkleit in and add some rice noodles and green diced squallions with some lime or lemon juice- any way you do it it will be good.

Then add rice noodles that were soaking in water to get soft add all ingredients and serves 2 large portions for two people for the price of one. That's what it would cost you is a thai restaurant. try it you'll love it

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hi wanted to tell you that Lobo pad thai packet makes making pad Thai easy . i was tired of paying 15 dollars for dinner ,I am not good at cooking but …

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i bought the ingredients you recommended from amazon and then followed your instructions.

i can't believe how good and cheap it was to make pad thai …

thank you for the recipe Not rated yet
i bought the ingredients you recommended from amazon and then followed your instructions.

i can't believe how good and cheap it was to make pad thai …

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pad-thai-recipe goes well with tom-yum-soup

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