picnic-ideas what picnic-food to bring along

The picnic-ideas that will make your picnic of success are very simple. The key is to have great food that people want. and also to have enough of it. there was nothing more disappointing than to want to get seconds and you have run out of food

And every one loves BBQ. And that is what and that is why you were going to have on the menu for your next picnic.

To have award-winning barbecue at your picnic means to prepare it the day before the picnic because it has to slow cook. So planning is essential.

My recommendations for successful picnic is to have on the menu baby back ribs,sausage, and smoked brisket. My sides will be cole slaw and potato salad and baked bbq beans and of course barbecue-sauce


How much is enough for picnic?

Let's say were going to announce that were having a picnic and 15 people are coming that's 15 adults.

My recommendations will be to have four pounds of brisket. 2 pounds of smoked sausage, 2 sides of baby back ribs, 2 pounds of coleslaw and 2 pounds of potato salad. You can also have baked beans barbecue style and again 2 pounds.

What are we going to drink? Let's have Ice-T of course!In the barbecue world Ice-T is very important when it comes in 2 styles. There is unsweetened iced tea and there is sweet iced tea and some lemonade.

Most people want unsweetened iced tea when they are eating barbecue. Let them sweeten up the Tea with sugar or splendor by themself.

Picnic-ideas How to make iced tea yourself

Iced tea recipe is a great picnic-food to bring to the barbecue and picnic. you can get away with using an ice tea mix but I like to do it the real way. to make iced tea the real way is to do the following:

Ice Tea-easy recipes

Easy ice tea-the easy way to goAfter you brew the tea pour it over ice with a large metal spoon in the pitcher or glass to absorb the heat.

Use splendid instead of sugar to sweeten the tea,and use real squeezed lemon. Is that easy or what?.

What else would you bring to the picnic? Picnic-ideas what else would they like to drink? Bring some cans of diet soda, when I think about it its better to bring 3 Liter bottles of your favorite soda especially Dr. Pepper, root beer, and Cola. You will need to get diet flavor and regular flavor.

But its not necessary to have to lug all those cans when you can make it yourself. the soda will be higher quality and yu will be making it in 5 minutes for only 50 cents a liter. Take alook how much better this soda will be

Lemonade recipe

Basic Leomonade

You will need the followingbag of lemons-here in arizona they are plucked from the trees

a gallon of water

a cup of sugar or what I like honey,you can substitute a sugat substitute like splenda also

1.Cut your lemons in half and squeeze out the juice into a pitcher. you will have to experment how tart you like your lemonade

Add the water and mix

Add sugar and adjust for your preference in sweetness.

If you want to be fancy add a mint leave on top of the drinks when serving
If you're going to cook meat at the picnic everyone loves hamburgers. It's just important to keep the meat cold until you are going to cook it so that people don't get ill.

Nothing is worse than going to somebody's picnic and getting food poisoning and having the runs for several days or something worse. so always keep in mind to keep food safe.

Writing about food is making me hungry so when are we going to grill up the hamburgers and what kind of grill should we use?

if you're going to have a lot of people than a good grill is the Weber grill that I recommended earlier. take a look write below

the right grill for picnic-ideas

This is my favorite portable grill from weber,its indestructible and cheap two things I like it is portable and easy to use. Remember the best taste of steaks comes from using charcoal.

Picnic-ideas for your backyard keep the bugs away

This is one good way to keep the bugs away from your guests Are you going to have a picnic in your backyard? Here is some picnic-ideas to make your backyard more friendly to you and your guests.

What is the number one problem when having a picnic outside. What spoils it the most. No it is not the weather-because you checked that out before you had the bbq-party right?

Whats great in living in Arizona is that I have to worry about rain only for around 21 days a year but that is being generous.

Okay you guessed right its the bugs especially the mosquitos can run your most well thought picnic-ideas. You need something to keep those blood suckers and flying miuchers away from your picnic table. And you want it to look nice so the answer is

buy a chiminea and use natural methods to keep the bugs away

If you want to cook something this is my picnic-ideas for great hamburgers

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