So what is the pulled-pork-barbecue-recipe?

Pulled-pork-bbq is slow cooked traditionally smoked in a water-smoker for many hours with hickory wood and then shredded and served with a barbecue sauce. This is the way people in the carolinas make it.

My pulled-pork-recipe is made with the use of a weber-smokers done by my granddaddy for generations.

What you are going to do is start with a big piece of pork shoulder with the bone in. We are going to rub the shoulder with a dry rub and let it rest in the refrigerator the night before we cook it.

See my page on barbecue dry rubs for the rub recipe now


See my page on barbecue dry rubs to use for pulled-pork-barbecue
The day we are going to cook we will set up the charcoal smoker like we always do its the same whether we cook ribs or brisket.

Use the chimney to heat the coals.

Pile up the coals in the coal rack open the vents,take 5 water logged hickory chips and throw them on the coals. Empty the chimney coals on to the wood and then place your water bowel on top.

Add water to the water bowel place the rack on top and place your pork shoulder on the rack

Cover the rack and get the temperature up to 220-230 degree f. It will take 1 to 1 and a half hours to cook one pound of pork shoulder depending on the weather and make sure you don't lift the lid and peak-it adds 20 minutes more to the cooking,Check every 3 hours to see if you need more water or more coals, I use a metal watering container for plants to refill the water bowel.

Now you will check with a thermometer probe the internal temperature deep inside the shoulder when it hits 180 degrees f its done and that should take at least 8 hours.

Next cover the lid open the vent on top to let smoke out and go have a Dr.Pepper

When cooked let the pork rest,and cool down its had a hard day then shred it up and serve with bbq sauce that you make for this pulled-pork-barbecue-recipe

Pulled-pork from omaha steaks

If you dont want to cook and dont live where their is real bbq amazon will send you some really good pulled pork by mail. This is a good deal and I have tried it remember that its quality thats more important then quantity . If its a bad pig you are not going to be happy

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