salsa-recipe easy to make easier to eat

This salsa-recipe is easy to make and what's more important when you do-it-yourself you control again the amount of sugar that goes into the salsa and you can make it as spicy or as mild as you want

Salsa goes very well with barbecue and I always included when I eat barbecue as a side dish. Sometimes I even pour bbq sauce on it!

Learned how to make salsa from my Hispanic girlfriend's mom who was a chef at a mexican restaurant close to the border with Mexico in Arizona.

The salsa ingredients

5 ripe tomatoes

5 garlic cloves

1 sweet onion

2 jalapeño peppers -roast as described below

1 bunch cilantro leaves-

2 limes squeeze out the juice

2 Sweet red bell peppers

very easy ingredients

How to prepare the salsa

This salsa-recipe is very easy to do I've been doing this is going to Arizona in 1990. I learned how to make salsa for my Hispanic girlfriend back then she was too lazy to do it..

So you wash all your vegetables and you cut them up in small pieces.

Place them in a bowl .

If you want your salsa to be mild use only one jalapeño in the mixture.

If you want your salsa to have a smoky taste you can fire up your grill put the piece of hickory wood in the fire and roast your jalapeño on the grill until the skin starts to turn dark jalapeño will be soft and then you can remove the seeds and cut the jalapeño into small pieces dice it up.

In fact for the recipe you are going to dice up the tomatoes dice up the garlic and dice up the onions.

Now you going to cut up your sweet red bell peppers and you're going to cut up the cilantro.

Mix everything into the bowl.

Now cut your limes in half, squeeze out the juice and add 2 tablespoons of lime juice to the salsa.

And there you have it fresh salsa.

How about some fruit-salsa?

A fruit salsa is another additional delicious type of Salsa that I enjoy. I am especially fond of a raspberry pineapple Mango salsa which is basically adding these 3 diced fruits to the basic salsa.

I started out 1st with the raspberry salsa many years ago then I decided I like mango salsa also. this was so wholesome why not throw both fuit in. and I like pineapple so why don't mix all 3 together.

You'll find out what you like by experimenting. Now follow the link to go to the fruit salsa page.

take a look at some fruit salsas

Have A great salsa-recipe?

Do you have a great story about this? Share it! Tell us how you got loving a good salsa. Talk about how you serve it and if you have a great recipe and picture share it with you in the picture too.

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i tried the recipe for salsa,its good now i dont have to buy in store thanks

great salsa recipe Not rated yet
thank you for posting the salsa recipe here I tried this and its good. my family loved it. i also ordered a smoker from amazon on your ite and cant wait …

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Are you going to get serious about your salsa?

And you're going to have to get serious then about your grilling equipment. You can be the best at grilling but if you don't have right grilling equipment then the world will never know how good the grill was because you were not drilling down on the right equipment.
This salsa-recipe needs some series grill equipment

Check out the salsa-video by den win

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