Siamese-cats are the best cat breed in the world. They are friendly,affectionate,loving,highly intelligent and they talk to you. They prefer to spend all their time with you when they are awake. They will stay near you waiting for you to pet them or scratch them and will consider you a part of their family.

I have been adopting Siamese cats for years. I found my first siamese kitten in the back of a gas station running around helpless in august when the temperature was 100 degrees or higher outside.

I was filled my gas tank and getting ready to move on when I saw this siamese-kitten running around not knowing where to go and I picked it up looked around and there was no one around except me and this kitten. I took it home and raised it from a baby until it was a grown up cat.

These Siamese-cats are highly intelligent and are very affectionate to their owner and their family. They love to talk and will meow at you in a way that no other cat breed will do. After a while you will understand what they are saying believe me! My second siamese kitten was adopted when my ex girlfriend decided to take my siamese-cat away with her. When we broke up she never told me anything when I got home from the hospital much of my things were missing in my apartment and my beloved cat was gone too. I then was able to adopt 2 siamese-kittens from a person who was giving them away to good home because the family had no room for 6 kittens 2 dogs and 2 cats.


History of the Siamese-cats

Why do siamese-cats meow and hang out with you as opposed to most cats who could not care less what you are doing except when they want a meal from you or when they see a mouse?

Well one reason that is speculated is that siamese-cats adapted being friendly to humans in order to be able to have a one over the edge ability to survive. By being on good terms with humans these cats realize that since humans are so smart they may help this breed survive.

These cats are famous in the temples of Siam where they guard the Buddist temples and are know as guard cats.

What siamese-cats dream about-a cat toilet

Cats hate the litter box eause they are clean animals. Most litter boxes smell no matter how often you clean the box. if you were a cat would you want to use a litter box?

Well the best thing you can do for your cat is get them the Cat Genie toilet-this is what my cats use. You will save money in the long run and you will never have to clean a cat litter box again!

I know its hard to believe but i am telling you the truth-this is the best thing that ever came out for a cat owner and a cat! The toilet hooks up with an adaptor to your cold water pipe to your toilet-its easy to connect with a wrench and you then add your saniflush box on top and the box cleans itself with water and the cleaning solution and it smells nice :) you will never throw up from the smell of a dirty cat boc the way I used to and your cat will be healthy and live longer with this toilet

best-cat-litter-box is a cat-toilet

We disapprove of cats without toilets

Dogs are welcome here too

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My own theory on why siamese cats are so friendly -its bbq

The siamese cat realized that by being friendly with humans and talking with them they would beable to survive better esprcially to get the delicious barbecue that prehistoric man made.

So over the years sianese-cats have continued this relationship to get a diet rich in protein consisting of bbq ribs etc,

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Please adopt a homeless cat and you wil get love back

Below you will find a search box to find homeless pets both cats and dogs and birds that you can adopt.

Please use the search here and go to the shelter because these animals want to go home with you. They are lonely and need a good home just like you do.

Instead of spending money on buying a purebreed aninal,please go to the shelter pay the small fee your pet will get the shots and medicine it needs just like a vet and you can give a contribution to the shelter and save money.

But most of all you will get a friend who gives unconditional love.

Pet insurance for your best friend

If you have a pet you need to have pet insurance to protect your pet the same way you have health insurance. You never know what can happen.

One of my friends cat all of a sudden could not walk and the vet found out that there was something wrong with the spinal cord and her cat needed to have emergency surgery.

The surgery cost thousands of dollars at the animal hospital and that saved the cats life and the cat can still walk. The vet's bill and hospital bill would have been tiny had my friend Amy had had pet insurance.


I love you kitten mug designed by Jasmina the bbq kitten

Get a great mug that shows how much you love someone. It is sure to please them as much as it will please you and also help feed my adopted rescue cats love someone with the I love you mug

Where to get your Siamese-kittens or Siamese-cats

Yes you heard me correct siamese-kittens realize that barbecue is one of the best sources of nutrition in the world. When they smelled bbq in thailand and shrimp pad thai not to mention tom-yum soup with shrimp these cats mutated in order to be able to share bbq with humans.

These cats are very intelligent and decided that dry cat food was not enough they didnt want bones like the family dog they wanted pulled pork,bbq-shrimp and ribs! The best place to get your Siamese-cat or Siamese-kitten is from the humane society or animal shelter in your community.Here you can help give a home to a loyal and devoted cat or kitten who will become your best friend .

Here a Vetenarian will have taken care of the health of your kitten or cat and you can feel very good about helping a fellow animal. My cat loves to barbecue with me ,hanging out and observing what I am doing.

Adopt a Kitten

Siamese-cats have a long tradition

they were first raised in Thailand in the temples and acted as guard-cats in both the temples and in the palaces. They were not allowed out of the country until several were given to the queen of England as pets,She fell in love with these cats.

Consider a small donation to keep Jasmine in catnip

jasmine a baby

Its alot of work to keep the site up to date and working. We would appreciate a donation what ever you can afford-a quater or a dollar,or whatever you want would be appreciated. The money goes to feeding our Siamese cats who are working on the website as we speak. It takes a lot to keep the site up to date. Thank you

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