How site-built-it changed my life

I first bought site-built-it in 2003. I was looking for a way to built a website and I knew nothing about the internet.

I was a physician who loved to take care of my patients and to barbecue. and I wanted to make my own website but I did not know anything about how to get started. Then I was one day searching the Internet and I discover Ken envoy's sitesell website. in the beginning I was skeptical about his claims that I could start a business using these tools.

So I took a chance and ordered sitesell. that was one of the best investments I have done in both education for me and in starting a website business.

That's my story about sitesell

what's interesting about sitesell is that the customers act like one big family. you become a member of the forum and if you have questions their usally is somebody there who is willing to help you out.
so I took a chance with Ken Evoy's sitesell

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