Smart-shopping for food

I have to write this article about smart-shopping- where to go shopping for meat and other things you may need. Where is the best place to get meat for your barbecue? Where is the best place to save money on meat and other foods you like?

Remember coupons I use them so should you

I love to eat waffles or cereal with some bbq ribs in the morning for a snack. Yes I do have a sweet tooth even thou I have to watch my sugar now that I have diabetetes.

But I still enjoy my cereal and I save money by having joined the Kelloggs club. You will join and get really expensive coupons and other offers immediately to print out.

Join for free now-and thank me and Kellogg's for saving you money that you can spend on buying ribs!

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Dont make me mad at you for not saving you some real money. As soon as you sign up you will be able to print out some coupons and go to your grocery and save money on your favorite cereals ,and pop tarts. I love poptarts!

Smart shopping on Amazon

Save money on Amazon my checking out their gold box deals always try to buy from here when things are on sale that's how I buy-never pay full price.Also its worth to join Amazon prime where you will receive everything you buy that is a prime item (most are) with free two day shipping and as a member you get free streaming movies from Amazon-you can try it here free for 30 days then its 79 dollars a year and for me its worth it. get amazon prime

Here are the Gold Box Items the way I buy

Shop Amazon Gold Box - New Deals. Every Day

Stop wasting money with your cell phone provider

Here is the phone and service provider I use and its the best deal for a basic phone you can get. 1200 minutes with one year of service. And then triple minutes for life,whenever you buy minutes you get 3 times the minutes as long as you stay with Tracfone.

I used to have a major phone provider and was paying around 100 dollars a month for nothing,i never used all the minutes yet i was stuck in a stupid contract with a big penalty if i tried to leave.

I did research into all the service providers and Tracfone was the best. Do not believe the reviews posted that are negative about tracfone,they are not true. I have been using their phone for over a year and the service is excellent.

Buying meat in bulk

Smart-shopping for meat will not be happening at the butcher even with his sale. It's going to happen at the discount warehouse. If there is a sale coming at you local supermarket uses always wait to stock up with meat.

Another strategy that I use is invested into a 2nd freezer. This allows me to stock up on meat and frozen vegetables when they are in sale.

Dont waste money on bottled soda from the store make your own

You make your own soda and no longer waste money on those bottle deposits that we are taxed on,and not having to lug 2 or 3 liter bottles in my car saves on the expensive gas. Take a look and get the same kit that i own. get a sodastram soda maker and save money

Where to buy your meat and bbq ingredients if your not a bbq joint

If you run on low carbohydrate diet then it's okay for even a single person to buy meat in bulk since their diet is mainly protein anyway.

The best advice I can give you is to invest in stores like Costco or Sam's Club and get yourself on individual membership.

It is not expensive as compared to groceries in regular local stores. Invest in the Cosco American Express card card-it is a great deal because at the end of the year you get the check back for the money you earned by using the card and you can use that for your next years membership where you to save money.

And Cosco allows you to bring back your electronic gear for life when something breaks down and you have the original packing for it you can bring it back and get a replacement.

Buying tomato sauce or buying garlic power it doesn't matter what you buy if you going to use it you should buy it in the largest container available.

You should aim to get the freshest produce you can. A good place to buy vegetables and fruit is that the local farm market which usually has low prices than the stores. Always bring a note with you so you can write down the prices of the items you want to buy and compare them with another store or with the fruit market.

When you calculate the price per ounce price per pound when you buy things in bulk the price drops.

Another smart-shopping tip is the following-Don't waste your money buying small containers of products you use every day get the largest box. Oh and if there are coupons use the coupons bring them to the store.

There is nothing wrong with saving money even if it's $.10 or quarter from a coupon think of it as being able to buy more barbecue ribs. Every saving you can do saves you a lot of money by the years end and that's money that you can use to buy more ribs and steaks.

In summary when buying meat,canned goods,herbs here are the tips:

Your best place to buy will be at the grocery or warehouse having a sale. The membership fee to be a member of the warehouse such as Sam's Club or Costco is will work every penny because you will end up saving money.

I also find a lot of bargains at Walmart's when it comes to buying food.

Always buy the largest containers things that you use on daily basis that's how you save money. If you have the room for a 2nd freezer then invest in buying a 2nd freezer or a 2nd refrigerator and storing your food their meat can stay several months frozen so stock up when there is a sale on baby back ribs or brisket.

Another way to save money is to bulk or wholesale with your neighbors and you can really save a lot of money.

Let me know what you think you can comment below have a great day

Save money by storing food in bulk-less then 2 dollars a meal!

When you buy large quantities of food like I do you save money and provide security to your family in cases of emergencies and disasters. I buy from Myfoodstorage ready cooked meal which comes out to less then 2 dollars a meal.

If you monitor the news you have seen disasters here in the USA where the government took days to bring in food and water,don't wait for that day to happen prepare now and you can rotate your food and save money by using

Smart-shopping is the key to getting ready grills-vegetables

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