Smoking-meat the essentials for the beginner

You think that smoking-meat is hard and can only be done by the bbq professional. Well the good news is that you can do meat-smoking as well as the best. in the beginning you ask how-to-smoke-meat and wonder if you can do it like the pros or a smokehouse. It is really easy to do the meat-smoking and like everything the more times you do it the easier it will be. What makes the pros stand out? I?ts the bbq sauces and sides.

You will be amazed how cooking-with-smoke becomes second nature to you and you'll hardly have to go out for Wbq except when you're on vacation and saving money by cooking the ribs yourself. Once you know what you're doing the Weber smoker does everything by itself with some supervision by you.

Smoking-meat its history

Here is a picture of some brisket that i smoked in my weber smoker-you can see on the outer edge of the brisket a red ring thats the ring of hickory smoke from the 10 hours in the smoker the two sausages are for dessert.


Smoking-meat has been done during the ages in this country by the Indians to preserve food and give the food a great taste.

There are several methods of smoking-meat and I think the best one is to use the water smoker. And to me the best way for all to get great results with meat-smoking whatever ribs, brisket, Turkey, chicken and pork is to use the charcoal smoker that is made by Weber and it's called the Smokey Mountain smoker. Now there is another great way to smoke meat if you dont want to watch the meat all day and that s to use an electric-smoker. I will talk about this alittle later and provide a link on the website to a discussion on using an electric-smoker

I have been using these smokers since 1993. They are well constructed and will probably give them to my grandchildren and great grandchildren.

A charcoal water smoker is a vertical unit that has at the bottom tray to hold the coals. There are vents at the bottom of the unit that can be opened to allow oxygen to come in. This controls the amount of heat that the coals produce, the more open the vents are the hotter the smokers gets.

Above the charcoal holder at the next level up there is a water pan whose purpose is to keep the meat moist while it is cooking. This ensures a slow cooking of the meat without the meat drying out. With the Weber-smoker I usually only have to add additional water one time during the cooking of ribs or brisket.

Above the water pan there is their racks where to meat sits. Then there is the lid which covers the smoker to keep the food hot.

There is a vent on top that can be opened to allow the smoke to leave and we always leave it open a little.

Smoking-meat in the Weber-smoker

It's very easy to do it. First of all the night before you soak your wood chips in the water so that they will not burn, they will smoke for a long time in the smoker where they will be sitting on the hot coals.

The night before you smoke you prepare your meat with the rub you like. A rub is a mixture of spices that you apply to the raw meat to give it a great taste.

In the morning I usually prepare the smoker by placing coals in the coal tray two-thirds of the way up. On top of these coals I place between 5 and 10 wood chunks and I prefer in general to use hickory wood for the meats.

The next thing we do is heat up the coals in the chimney. That's the best way to get your coals hot. Two important points are to use pure coal for smoking-meat that is coal that is pure that doesn't have any lighter fluid or any other ingredients inside. Second is to wear gloves to protect your hands from the heat when working with the smoker,handle the meat with a fork and tongs-don't get burned!

Now the chimney works by adding coal to the top and placing some newspaper or pictures of your ex if you didn't get along on the bottom of the chimney. Then you light the paper with the match and then around 5 minutes you should have a container of hot coals.

You then throw the hot coals on top of your coal tray and place the water pan on top. The meat rack goes on top on top next. You then place your ribs on the meat rack cover the top with the lid opening the vent on top a little to allow the smoke to leave. and that's it

A good video on smoking ribs

Keep the temperature around 240 For the next 8 hours

With the Weber-smoker it's very easy to keep the temperature steady. This is controlled by the vents at the bottom.

You may have to check the temperature like me every hour because I'm nervous about my ribs and come out to look at the build in thermometer on top of the lid. This is new for Weber-smokers in the old days I used to stick an oven thermometer in the top vent where the smoke came out.

Today you can also use a remote thermometer probe that you can stick in the meat to monitor the meat from indoors. They didn't have that when I started smoking many years ago. So you can stay indoors and drink a beer and do some other chores

Most meat will be done at the temperature of 160┬░f. if you live in a warmer climate in around 8 to 10 hours.

This would take around 8 hours depending on the temperature and the size of the meets you are cooking. As you learn to smoke you will become an expert at this it's hard for me to generalize.

now that you know about smoking-meat check out the weber-smoker

here is the link i promised to electric-smokers my new way of smoking

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