Sodastream the easy way to make soda at home

Sodastream to the rescue! Aren't you tired of lugging home 2 liter bottles of soda every week.

Whats even worse when you get the soda home many times it is either flat or its under pressure and explodes when you open the top. I need soda when I eat my bbq. And now I save money on soda so I can buy more pork ribs and brisket.

I have been using this great easy device since 2003 to make great drinks at home goodbye to lugging soda up three flights of stairs in phoenix.

My dates love sodastream and you know I am helping the environment,cutting the bills and getting soda-love from all my wonderful flavors.

And now there are more then 60 flavors all great! Do you love cranberry-raspberry,green-tea-pomegranate soda,how about soda with natural essence -nothing but natural raspberry,orange,lemon-lime flavor make it yourself!

My video-How to make great orange soda with soda stream assisted by Mr.Bear

Here is my video assisted with Mr.Bear how easy it is to make great orange soda with sodastream.
Hey I am no actor but I wanted to try to be funny and show you how easy it is to make soda with a sodastream.

Mr.Bear agreed to help me after he lost the bet on how long the butts were going to have to smoke in the rocky mountain. So he had to help me make the video.

Go green with sodastream save the Earth and save money$$$

Whats great with Sodastream is that you recycle the bottles at home they are heavy duty plastic bottles and you don't waste plastic or contribute to the destruction of our Earth's resources-it makes me feel good that I'm recycling and having a great soda at the same time!

Save alot of money 1 liter of soda in store 1.50 sodastream its 25 cents

yes you figure it out one container of your favorite soda flavor makes 12 liters . When you figure out how much it costs to make-soda your own soft-drink in the usa the Usa price of a 2 liter bottle is around $1.50 when its onsale while soda stream comes out between .25 to.50 cents for 2 liters .

And soda stream tastes a lot better I love diet cranberry-raspberry. I have been using this sodamaker since 2003 because i was tired of lugged soda up the stairs to my apartment especially in the summer when i was living on the third floor.

2.Its under pressure and when you try to open the bottle you get drenched by the sticky mess.

Now when you have a bbq-party or are barbecuing you always want to have enough soda for your guests and with this great soda machine you will never worry about being without soda again.

Now Sodastream is a company that makes home based soda making equipment. I started using this back in the early 2000's and I have been a customer ever since.

One CO2 cartridge will supply enough carbonation-thats the bubbles that gives the fizz to make around 60 liters of soda. One bottle of your favorite flavor will make 12 liters of soda.

You get a choice of 60 different flavors or they may be more by now.

SodaStream (Soda-Club) USA

I used to go to the store to get diet soda and diet root beer and diet seven up and I hated having to lug these 2 liter bottles up the stairs in Phoenix where I lived.

I lived on the third floor where there was no elevator and when its 110 degrees for several months of the year you have to take the soda quickly out of the car.

Otherwise the bottles will explode in the trunk or in the car as the car heats up. So it is a pain in the you know where to lug soda around in places that are warm or even in cool climates when you live without a garage.

And if you don't use a car but instead use public transport again lugging around 2 liter or 1 liter soda bottles is a headache.

Someone told me about Sodastream and then I did the smart thing and bought myself a kit. It made my life so much better.

Benefits of freshly made Soda and Seltzer

With a home soda maker, a household will save in many ways - save trips to the store, save lugging and storage, save the environment, save sugar and sodium…and save money! you will always have soda to drink with your butt and brisket.

With SodaStream, soda stays fizzy, thanks to a special hermetic seal in the carbonating bottle caps. That means no more flat, wasted soda. These bottles are industructible-you need to run them over with your pickup truck to smash it.

A home soda maker and concentrated Sodamix flavors means no more lugging and storing soda.

Each bottle of Sodamix is about the size of a can of soda but contains enough syrup to make 12 one-liter bottles (about 36 cans) of your favorite tasting soft drink. No more lugging soda!

So, make-soda at home is great for families and for anyone with tight space, including RVers, boaters, college students and urban dwellers. And if you are just tired from work like me this is wonderful!

Why its healthier for you then buying store soda

SodaStream seltzer/sparkling water has several advantages over store-bought. First, the carbonation can be customized. You just press three times in general to add gas to the cold water.

Secondly, seltzer/sparkling water made with a SodaStream machine contains no sodium, unlike many store-bought brands. A SodaStream household will save as much as 50% over store-bought seltzer/sparkling water. If you are watching salt intake this machine is great for you.

SodaStream sodas are a sensible alternative to store-bought sodas. SodaStream’s regular sodamix flavors have 2/3 less sugar, calories, carbs and sodium than regular store-bought soda.

Diet flavors are of course sugar-free, contain less sodium than store-bought diet flavors and contain no aspartame – all diet flavors are sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener.

And finally, soda and seltzer households will save money with SodaStream. Seltzer starts at just 17 cents per liter; soda starts at just 42 cents per liter.

They even offers an Energy Drink sodamix that consumers can make for about 25 cents per serving (compared to $1.99 per serving in the store.)

SodaStream is an even greater value when you consider that you’ll stop pouring money down the drain with flat, wasted bottles of store-bought soda.

And no more lost deposit fees for customers in bottle bill states. Plus, you’ll help the environment by cutting down on all those cases of store-bought cans and bottles.Give the gift that truly sparkles! A SodaStream soda maker is a refreshing gift for anyone who loves soda or seltzer.

For people who don't want Artifical sweetners

Yes there is soda flavors for you too! If you dont want sugar or an artificial sweetner like Splenda sodastream has a line of flavors called natural essences just the goodness of natural flavors. Some of my favorites are raspberry,orange and lemon-lime. So you can be organic aand have great tasting sparkling water too. You pick the flavors when you order.

Remember you will have your favorite soda with your barbecue.

How it works- how-to-make-soda its easy

Making-soda is very easy with sodastream. You fill up your 1 liter bottle with cold water and put it in the refrigerator. Set up the machine with placing the carbon dioxide cartridge in the machine. It just snaps in in a second. There is no electricity to worry about it is so easy.

Its easy it snaps in and then you just have to screw the bottom in the front. give me three reasons why this soft drink machine is great. Do you have the three reasons? Well I'll tell you.

Never have to go to supermarket again to bring home heavy bottles of soft drinks

It really horrible to have to lug home 2 liter bottles of soda. I told you this before but I want to repeat it so you remember it.

Its heavy thsat 2 liter bottle and you never know when the soda will fizzle out or if you open the bottle you need to have eye protectors.

Here in Arizona its no fun in the summer to have to carry 3 6liter bottles when its 110degrees and too sunny.

Sometimes it gets humid here from August thru September's end its monsoon season here where its 100 degrees and raining where the humidity goes up. That's the worst time of the year here.

Sodastream has more flavors to try then the supermarket

60 different flavors diet and regular all delicious and natural.

This makes a great gift

Everyone you give a seltzer maker as a gift they will remember you every time they make soda-like everyday!

Even my mother who is skeptical of everything loves the machine I got for her as a gift. My mother likes to drink diet ginger-ale in fact she drinks more ginger-ale then water. She can go thru a 2 liter bottle in one to two days.

We were always running out of diet ginger-ale until I got a soda machine here. No more heading to the lousy grocery and waiting in those long lines which I hate.

Now my mother likes this brand of ginger-ale more then she likes the stuff from the store. If she is a convert with her finicky ways that are worse then Morris the cat-you know that this is a good product. This soda maker is a unique and memorable gift for just about any occasion.



Mother’s Day

Father’s Day





In summary

Great-tasting, fizzy seltzer and soda - in over 40 great flavors No more lugging or storing bulky bottles and cans from the store Regular flavors with 2/3 less carbs, calories and sugar than store-bought

Diet flavors sweetened with Splenda® - not aspartame

Natural flavors with no artifical flavors!

No batteries ... No electricity ... No cleanup save the environment no waste of plastic or metal cans. Reuse the sodastream bottles

Money back guarantee. Three-year warranty
Make-soda your way. With your own flavor bottles then make up to 30 one liter bottles. Some really great flavors diet-raspberry cranberry diet orange,diet cola and diet root beer are just a few of my favorites.Then you have orange soda ,greentea-pomegranate ,kiwi-pomegranate all kinds of flavors both no bbq-soda yet!

When you have your machine you will be abe to enjoy spending more time in your backyard especially at night if you live in the southwest and during the spring and summer in the northeast and northwest.

You will not have to stop everything because your wife or girlfriend tells you "we are out of soda" Thay is miserable to have to get up and go get soda in the middle of a party or show.

Eeven if you put the DVR on to record the show,who wants to get out of the comfortable chair? Who wants to get up when ts snowing and go to the store? Or when its 107 in Phoenix?

I thought about this when I decided to get the soda machine here. I do not have to leave my home anymore to go get soda because I do everything from home and I save money on gas and most important I save time.

When its time to reorder more CO2 canisters or soda flavors ,I do it on the website. Sodastream will send you a box from UPS to send in your empty canister which they recycle and you get your new one. This is so much better then lugging soda bottles from the store.

My friends who taste the different flavors are all converts to making soda at home . When you try it you will say why didn't I do this earlier!Give the gift that truly sparkles! A SodaStream soda maker is a refreshing gift for anyone who loves soda or seltzer.

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