sugar-free-barbecue-sauce can still be sweet

I know how you feel. Your doctor told you to use sugar-free-barbecue-sauce because your blood sugar is high or you already have diabetes. I know because I am in the same boat. So you don't have to give up bbq-sauce just because of the diabetes or being at risk for diabetes.

Why diabetes is bad for you

Its basically like this once your blood sugar goes over 140 on a chemistry test your body's defense against infections,complications from vascular disease goes up. insulin is the hormone our pancreas makes to keep blood sugar under control.

When the pancreas can't make enough insulin to keep up with the sugar in your body the blood sugar goes up causing all kind of problems. How can you help-avoid sugar in your foods when possible. there is sugar in enough foods that its hard to stay away from it.

If your like me you love barbecue-sauce. Now you have to use a sugar-free-barbecue-sauce just to stay healthy but the bbq sauce can still be pleasant. The less sugar you eat in your diet the sweeter things will taste to you over time.

Understanding Carbohydrates

Made simple carbohydrates are starches but when broken down in our body they break down into sugars and for diabetics that means we need more insulin to keep our bodies blood sugar normal. Why is this ? Our body is more complicated then a

car,think of running your car with not enough oil in the oil tank. What will happen -thinks wear out and fail.

Think of insulin as your bodies oil,not enough insulin and thinks start to go bad-you develop overtimes problems with your kidneys,eyes,and other complications with you cardiovascular system making you at risk for heart attacks and strokes.

The good news is that cutting back carbohydrates can be done which will be part of the treatment of diabetes. Your doctor will give you medication such as more insulin or pills to try to raise the insulin level in the blood.

Barbecue is a good ingredient in you diet as its rich in protein and if you cook without sugar it will be even better for your health. You need to let your doctor know what your diet is and monitor your blood sugar with him. When I cut down on my carbohydrates and sugar my blood sugars went down. learn more about healthy bbq here

sugar-free-barbecue-sauce you can make at home

Diabetes changes your life and you want to remain healthy so you have to take matters into your ow hands what I say is to take the bull by the horns-how? Do it yourself?

Make sauces that have no sugar in them-yes there may be some carbohydrates from the tomato you know that a tomato is a fruit?

Well there will still be a lot less sugar in your sauce then in one rom the store. Check the labels on most bbq sauce in the US they are high in carbohydrates.

And you need to look at how much carbohydrates are in a tablespoon of sauce-its scary to think that one tablespoon of sauce has 10gm of sugar!

And who uses only one or two tablespoons of bbq-sauce? Not me ! But then again with diabetes you have to change how you eat and I have begun to eat less bbq sauce in general because I enjoy the taste of the bbq meat much more.

Well if you use a vinegar based bbq sauce with our sugar or use a little splenda in your diabetic-barbecue-sauce then you can enjoy barbecue more. There is also mustard based bbq sauce that is great as well.

Take a look at some low-carb-barbecue-sauce recipes here

Sugar-free-barbecue-sauce means you can have Chocolate cake

Yes if you love chocolate cake as much as we do you can still have it and keep your diet and keep you diabetes under control .The secret is to limit portions,instaed of eating the whole box of 48 chocolate cakes you get,you will eat one a day.

Its tasty and you eat it slow. Another great thing of Vitalicious is that it has no preservatives which means you keep it in the freezer .

When you take it out you have to eat it slow because its frozenor you can let it that out over a half hour . You will love this . Yes you can lose weight eating chocolate cake or muffins! One of these cakes takes 7 minuts to walk off!

check out the sugar-free-barbecue-sauce recipes here

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