summer-recipes are great in the winter

Summer-recipes make you think of warm lazy days at the pool .

Everyone love the summer when the weather is warm sunny and the living is easy and then you need some good summertime-recipes.

One of the reasons I left the northeast for Arizona was to be in the valley of the sun where there are only two seasons to me and they are both summer seasons . there is

hot summer dry-most of the year

hotter summer wet and miserable-July thru September monsoons and high humidity

Winter 2 weeks in January where you have to cover up the orange trees so they don't freeze and the temp goes down to 32 f . But its tolerable as there is low humidity and no wind

I'd rather burn in the summer then freeze all winter in New York. Its nice to go out in a heated pool in February while it's showing in new York

some summer-recipes for anytime of the year

dogs like watermelon

Want to feel like its summer ? I wish you were here in the Valley of the Sun but if you can't then here are the suggestions

grill some barbecue ribs and serve with fruit-salsa,

and to top it off have a summer-dessert from my list of great summer desert recipes

and think hot like its 108 outside=be lucky your inside. take a look at some desserts

Fruit salsas

Fruit-salsas makes you feel good even when the snow drifts are 6 feet high like they were in 1997 when I was stuck in my apartment for three days before the snow blowers arrived to dig us out. These summer-recipes helped me to survive the blizzard.

So I just stayed home made some raspberry mango fruit salsa and barbecue ribs were in my fridge i would not be able to get out on the porch to smoke them thats how high the snow was. here is one of the summer-recipes for several fruit-salsa

During the blizzard I needed to come up with a hearty side to make instead of watching the ice come down from the trees with the snow. Do you know what its like to have iceicles hanging fron your windows with snow blowing up yo 6 foot drifts.

When this happens to me I usually respond by looking for comfort food in my case basrbecue-beans. Then I get out my dvds of sphagetti westerns and chill out thanking the lord that I still have electricity. Its only 20 degrees outside.

Thinking heat didnt work so I made some delicious barbecue beans. What is it about barbecue-beans and me as a comfort food ,I guess watching Blazing Saddles while the cowboys are sitting around passing gas had an effect on me.

here s a great barbecue bean recipe I used during the blizzard
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