tailgate-party bring out the grills

When was the last time you went to a tailgate-party?

Oh you don't know what the tailgate-party is? I guess you're from another planet.

Well before I moved out here in 1999 I did not know what this was also. then I attended my 1st tailgate during the NASCAR race here in Phoenix and it was a lot of fun.

so for those of you who don't know what the tailgate is let me explain. It's a parking party where everybody brings their cars SUVs campers and basically have an outside picnic and barbecue and hang out together before ,during,and after a sporting event and use their tailgates at the back of the truck. you open it up and start grilling and drinking and playing music and games.

In fact some people like me like the tailgate-party more then the game

You meet a whole bunch of people to make new friends and get together with old friends usually for a weekend or longer and barbecue. That's how I look at a tailgate-party.

Tailgate-food is mainly BBQ and grilling and games

Tailgate-food is one of the major reasons to come to a tailgate-party. They'll be all kinds of goodies here hamburgers-sausage, hot dogs, coleslaw and potato salad just to name a few. And we will have beer and soda, and lemonade while the party starts.

Then we will also play games my favorite is horseshoe throwing.while eating tailgate-food i am a champ at horseshoes ask any horse.


What to bring to a tailgate-party

Remember to bring your favorite food to barbecue and lots of cold drinks in your coolers. Bring a lot of beer and diet soda. Bring a lot of bratwursts and bbq-ribs to cook out.

Dont forget to bring some clean underwear and socks and change of clothes for how long you are going to stay. Bring some soap and bring your significant other unless they are not significant enough.

Maybe you will hook up with someone new and get some bbqlove.How about some party stuff?

Guys don't forget to shave and wear some cologne to attract the women. Remember they like things that smell good while we guys think that brats grilling are what smell good they still want us to smell like a great cologne.

My recommendation is to get the bottle of Drakkar noir it smells like citrus like a combination of lemon and orange together. Women love it and it's guaranteed to help you get some barbecue-love.

Dont get a ticket from the police cameras

They are so unfair sneaking thoses cameras and photoradar all over the place. I always drive slow and one time I got s ticket for going 16 miles per hour where you can only go 15. Yes I got a 300 dollar ticket so I got myself the spray below

Do you fix your own trucks

I go to tailgates in my own trucks that i fix myself,my dad taught me how to fix stuff when I was a kid.Here are two good places to get any parts you need to fix your truck or car.

Its really important to carry extra belts for the engine in your trunk incase you need one not to mention an extra battery or battery charger for emergencies. Also a fire extinguisher.

Over 40 Million Auto Parts: New, Used, ReMan at Automotix

All kind of batteries this is where I get mine

Im in to solar batteries and this is where I get mine Batteries, Chargers, Solar and More!

Get some barbecue love at the tailgate-party

Meeting the right person for love you need the right grill and grill some meat

Maybe you will even meet the love of your life while you are grilling some brats and she walks by your camper and you know what to do right? Invite her to have 2 brats with coleslaw and barbecue sauce and you never know where it'll go. So for you don't know what an abbreviation of brats stands for, no it's not some nasty kid it stands for bratwurst one of my favorite German sausages.

Hey I had one for breakfast with barbecue sauce today then I had one for dinner with a bowl of tom-yum soup.

The right grill for tailgating

This is the best grill to take to a tailgate. This is the one I use.Its as tough as my SUV and kicks the butts of any other grill besides grilling pork butts!

It may not be a smoker but when it comes to hamburgers and sausage,hot dogs and brats this is the one you want. I have been using mine for over 10 years I dont remember anymore thats what happens as you get older.

Never say never

It's a good place to meet a date if you're single

You never know who you're going to meet--one of my friends quotes my expression all the time. Women/men are like buses there will be another one around in a half an hour.

So if you're alone now at the tailgate-party don't be sad because you never know who you going to run into or if they have a friend for you.

The main thing is to get out there and attend one. Every year in Phoenix I go to the NASCAR race track at Phoenix international Raceway and hang out at the tailgate with my friends and I always meet some new friends.

In fact I have met more friendly Arizonans at the tailgate parties than I ever met while I lived in the Northeast. I guess it has to do with the weather.

You know it's never cold Phoenix except for one week in January. While that's how I talk being from the Northeast. At night the temperature can drop 30° because it's the desert and there was no humidity to keep the heat in.

So I guess it can be cold like when it's 110° in the daytime and it drops to 80° at night.

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