Do you have your tailgate-recipes ready?Are you ready for tailgate-party season? Is your tailgate-food menu ready? Here in Arizona it is always a tailgate-party season.

That is one of the things I love about living here in Arizona. No matter where you live in Arizona you can always find good weather. But you got toavoid the photoradar.New Invention! Make Your License Plate Invisible to Red Light and Speed Cameras. Click Here to Get Your PhotoBlocker Spray NOW

You see Phoenix Arizona is located approximately 1800 feet above sea level during the winter months which is from October 15 to April 15 the temperature is usually in the 80s and the weather was very pleasant and and dry with very little rain.

The coldest months are usually in the end of December and the beginning of January where the temperature may actually go down to 32┬░ and there is a frost warning but in the daytime the temperature usually rises into the 60s.

So it's always pleasant by noon it gets cold again by night. But that's a different kind of cold weather because there is very little humidity and it doesn't hurt as much because there is very little wind here so there is no wind chill of fact the way it is up north. That's what keeps the cactus alive.

So we can always have the most extreme temperatures in the United States can be recorded right here in the state of Arizona where it can be extremely warm in the desert areas and you can go into a tailgate and at the same time it can be very cold in North Eastern Arizona near New Mexican born.

This means during the summer months when it's 110┬░ here in Phoenix Arizona you can do your tailgating in North Eastern Arizona where it's in the 80s are in Flagstaff Arizona which is at 7000 feet high in elevation and the temperatures in the 80s also so you can do your tailgating there.

There is now a giant lake near Phoenix called Lake Pleasant which has its own arena with boats that you can rent so even in the summer months when it's very hot here you can jump into Lake Pleasant if you can't get away. Lake Pleasant is around 300 acres from not mistaken.

So what's going to be on the tailgate-recipes menu? Or more importantly how do you prepare your tailgate-menu? It all depends on how long you're going to be tailgating.

Are you going away just overnight? Or are you going to be spending 2 or 3 days tailgating? Food safety is very important wherever you tailgate.

You see it is so important to keep your food cold so if you're doing something overnighte for 2 days you can usually get away with using coolers with ice but then if it's longer than that you do need to have a portable refrigerator.

Or if you are parked somewhere that has electricity as refrigerators that you can use that is a major factor in how long you can tailgate

It is also important that for one day to be able to take a shower somewhere and keep yourself clean. You will need to have baby wipes which I find very useful to clean your hands when you're tailgating somewhere that doesn't have a lot of water. Here in Arizona I always carry 5 gallons of water in special plastic containers to keep water at hand in the event of emergency.

As far as the tailgate-food menu goes there are some essential tailgate-party menu items to bring to your tailgate. I'm going to list my top 10 tailgate-food items.

Number 1 in the tailgate-recipes list is the most famous smoked bratwurst. I cannot live without these and I have them shipped to me from a special smoke house in Texas. I don't see them every day the way I used to but I do have one of 2 smoked bratwurst twice or 3 times a week.

One of the great tailgate-recipes that i like is to serve chili at a tailgate-party. Chili is east to make the night before you go partying.

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