Tom-yum soup a thai soup to live for

tom-yum, Tom Yum Soup

Tom-Yum soup is the closest soup of that I can think of to a bbq soup. Its spicy and hot and smells wonderful due to some exotic ingredients that are in there. They are unique to southeast Asia-coconut milk,tamarind,lemon grass,galanga, thai chills and tamarind both of which have a wonderful taste and smell.

I thought that you my readers who love bbq and spicy foods will fall in love with this soup also The way I did back in the 1980s when I lived for a while in Asia and traveled to Thailand.

I did not have this soup again until 2004 here in Phoenix Arizona at a wonderful thai restaurant whose owners were from Laos and China. I'll tell you every time I went back to eat there they would increase the heat for me by adding more and more chills to the soup until I reached the alarm level where I could eat as good as they could this spicy soup.

But you don't need to eat this soup spicy with added chilies. It is spicy enough to eat the way it is and i Will give you an easy way to prepare it where it will take you less then half an hour to make it.

If you love bbq and spicy foods the way I do then you are going to love Tom-Yum soup. This is a spicy Thai soup that has a wonderful smell and a wonderful taste.

It gets the wonderful smell from certain herbs that are in the soup-lemon grass which gives it a wonderful taste,galanga a root similar to ginger but with a zesty wonderful smell and taste also.

Then the addition of smooth savory coconut milk gives this soup a unique taste-if you never had this and am a bbq addict like me you will love this soup.

I was first introduced to Tom-Yu soup and thai food bcd in the early 1980s when I spend time in Asia. The thai cuisine soon became second only to my love of barbecue. And the thai people are wonderful from the "land of smiles"and their intelligent siamese cats.

I'm going to give you an easy recipe that uses ready made Tom Yum paste so you don't have to grind the chills yourself. Once you start eating this you will end up like me having it every night.

soup in wok

my homemade tom-yum-soup

This is so easy to make you won't believe how simple it can be. Using my recipe add tom yum paste,coconut milk and your favorite meat or fish fresh lime juice and optional fresh galanga and fresh lemon grass.

This soup will clear you nose the chilies are that spicy. You can top it off with a few drops of fish sauce which is what is used in thailand it is ade of anchovies.

Here is a picture of my homemade soup the white is coconut milk ,the red drops are from the chili oil.

Por kwam tom yum paste

this is the easiest way to make tom yum soup use 2 tablespoons to 4 cups of water . i make it in the wok. this is strong stuff and delicious when cooked with coconut milk and water. This paste contains shrimp.

Tom yum soup sells in the thai restaurant for 10.95 a bowel make it so much better and less expensive at home.

Lobo brand tom yum paste

this paste doesn't contain shrimp I prefer por kwan brand best but if you are allergic to shrimp you can use this paste

tom-yum-soup in wok made homemade

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make your tom Yum soup with the best coconut milk

This is the milk i use to cook with thai food its from thailand and its the best milk in the world. Most milks have some kind of preservative this is the only one that does not. I used a few different brands over the years and this tastes the best. You will drink it out of the carton.

Its hard to find in stores so I get it online. I wish I lived in Thailand half the year so I could have both bbq and spicy thai food.

Aroyd milk is my favorite-it has no preservatives and tastes better then another coconut milk. Now it comes in plastic containers which makes it taste even more natural. This is the best brand that thai people in Thailand like and it is so much better in the paper containers.

I use this milk everyday usually use 16 oz a day to make soup that lasts a day so this is a perfect size for people who eat tom yum soup with their family. It comes in the bigger pack once you are making tom yum soup you will be going thru 16oz every two days.

This coconut creamed is excellent for tom-yum soup. I buy this to make tom-yum soup. you just add the whole pack to an 8 cup servings of soup this is excellent coco nut milk in cans that i also use in making thai dishes abnd tom-yum soup

Here are the rice noodles to get

Rice noodles taste so much better then sphagetti noodles and are easy to cook in some warm water leave for 15 minutes to soak or throw in boiling water for 5 minutes-these are the noodles to use for pad thai also

Here is the soup I make every day

you can see the rice noodles on the bottom in my wok the white is the coconut milk the red is from the chilis . i took this picture with a canon powershot while cooking.


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Ingredients tom-yum-recipe

Ingredients for Tom-Yum soup

Here is what you need for the tom-yum-recipe

2 cans of coconut milk 14oz size

Por Kwan brand ™-Tom Yum paste this makes the soup base and saves the work of grinding and bringing the chills and It consists also of lemon grass,galanga,chili,shrimp paste,msg and shallots,garlic,kffir lime leaves ,sugar.,and lemon-grass,garlic and shallots.

Galanga is a root vegetable with a pleasant aroma it's related to the ginger family. Lemon grass as the wonderful aroma of lemons.Coconut milk has a savory smooth taste that is wonderful also.

It contains very little sugar one tablespoon which is a serving contains 2 gm which is acceptable for me.

How do you make the soup well I do it this way I put 4 cups water in my wok and heat it to boiling then put 2 tablespoons of the paste into the boiling water then I add one can of coconut milk. Then you have a choice of adding meat shrimp or chicken pieces or beef-I like it plain also.

You can also add rice noodles to the mixture if you're not counting carbs and et the noodles boil in the soup. The recipe on the paste called for adding mushrooms and chicken which I do sometimes usually I just fix it with the paste and ate some chicken shredded,beef,or shrimp.

But the paste is wonderful and with the addition of coconut milk aces this soup a heavenly experience when you smell the wonderful herbs, If you are seeking bbq-love to meet a nice man or worn for romance this is a wonderful soup to serve your date. serve this soup to your date for bbq-love It will turn up the heat in a lovely way. It also looks wonderful with its reddish color from the chili oil superimposed on white coconut milk 'So try it and let me know hoe it goes comment below on tom-yum soup.

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