Top-ten-bbq-gear insiders review

So people want to know the top-ten-bbq-gear which we recommend for the bbq season this summer and remember folks you can bbq the whole year if you want.

Here we have testing this equipment since the 1990's and we find these tools but essential and indispensable for easy hassle free grilling and barbecueing.

Review of top-ten-bbq-gear you need

Lets get started. Back when I began barbecuing there was no internet-yes its hard to believe but its true,the internet was just for scientists and not until the mid 1980's were information easily available for regular people. The weber chimney is essential to starting your fire in the charcoal grill. The reason you want this is so you do not have to use charcoal lighter fluid which makes the smoke of the charcoal bitter and causes the meat to be bitter.

Using your used paper helps keep toxic chemicals from lighter fluid out of the atmosphere. The chimmeny is easy to use ,you load the chimmney with coals or briquettes and you use the ones that are pure no lightter fluid no wood in them.

You put some paper under the chimmney and light it with a match ,after around 10 minutes yourr coals will be ready to be placed in to your grill or smoker. Very easy to do.

The right tools

When handling your meat you want high quality tools that will not fall apart after a few uses. Yes you can buy very fancy sets of many tools and they are cheap and flimsy tools . Or you can buy a few high quality tools that will make grilling a snap

Apple wood Chunks for smoking your meat

You only need a few chunks of water soaked wood chunks to make a great smoky flavor for your barbecue. The chunks need to be soaked foy around 4 hours and then I usually use around 6 chunks,that's enough to give the neat a smoky flavor.

Which chunks to get-apple give the meat a sweet flavor. and is great with pork or apple. The next great flavor is hickory which is a great smoke for pork and beef as well s chicken. The next is pecan which is a great flavor for smoking pork

Aluminum Grill drip pans

If you have a weber gas grill this drip pan you will not have to clean the mess that drips from your weber gas grill.

The way to reuse the drip pan is to line it with aluminum foil,that way you can reuse these pans multiple times.

Weber gloves for grilling

You need to protect you hands from the charcoal dust and the heat from the grill so you don't burn your hands. It never made sense tyo me to wear one clumsy mit on one hand when you need two mitts to function at the bbq.

Top-ten-bbq-gear grills that you must have

Grill like a pro with a grill that w not destroy your bank book. You do not need to spend thousands to grill like a pro. If you have this Weber grill with the above accessories you are ready to go!

Best standing charcoal gear for the money

this is a great grill that i own over ten years and works as good ten years ago as it works today. Easy to set up and contains an ash catcher..

Best portable propane grill

This is the best deal for a portable gas grill make sure you buy the combination with the 6 foot adaptor tube so you can hook up to large propane tanks.have everything at once!

Get the bugs so they dont eat your bbq

You want to relax outside with out the bugs eating you alive when you grill so get a Flowtron bug zapper like I do ,I got the more expensive one but this one works fine too according to my kinfolks. Barbecue belongs for the hound dogs not the bugs

top-ten-bbq-gear requires the best soda drinks to serve at your bbq

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