Vegetarian-barbecue what should you do?

Is there really such a thing as a vegetarian-barbecue? I don't think so because BBQ is all about heating means that around 220┬░ for several hours and using smoke to give the meat of great taste. you cannot do that with veggies or fruits or tofu just turned black.

So what should a vegetarian do for a barbecue? Well my 1st advice would be to come to the dark side and either tiny tiny tiny piece of meat.

You know the meat will not bite you as it is being cooked. and you know you can get all of your nutrients from being a vegetarian that's why you have to take vitamin and mineral supplements and guess where some of them come from anything they may come from meat protein.

So why not at your next invitation to a barbecue consider instead of of veggie-barbecue going one step further, be adventurous and have 1 barbecue rib.

Well i know you are going to stick to vegetables so for your vegetarian-barbecue lets look at what to eat at a real bbq then we will give you some vegetarian-bbq recipes.

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Vegetarian-barbecue how to respond to a meat-barbecue

What can you eat when you are with meat eaters at non vegetarian-barbecue? I am sorry to say that there will be a limited amount of products that of vegetarian can eat at the normal meat eaters barbecue. You see most meat eaters at the barbecue will want to have meat in everything except for the sides like coleslaw and potato salad. So they should be a safe bet for you to eat at the next barbecue you're invited to.

Remember this is not the vegetarian-bbq. You will need to check out the potato salad if it is German potato salad there is a chance there may be bacon in there. What you should do?

Ask that cute girl that this slurping on those pork ribs who has the barbecue sauce dripping down her chin to check their potato salad for evidence of bacon contamination. Yes she said there is bacon in their so that limits your choices further. Go with the coleslaw and the grilled vegetables that is always a safe bet.

Do not be afraid to ask that cute blonde to check out the bacon in the potato salad for you you never know you may be able to get some BBQ love even if you are not on the meat spectrum anymore. You know I was just thinking barbecue salmon is really good for everybody so why not consider tasting a little barbecue-salmon?

So at your next barbecue I suggest you bring some tofu and just hide it in your purse or in your shorts so your host will not get angry.

Eat the coleslaw and all grilled asparagus you want and be happy knowing that these meat eaters of pulled pork,brisket, and baby back ribs are eating stuff that is delicious but not as healthy as your tofu.

And you know what you can have your own barbecue and have only grilled or barbecued-tofu and show them what real vegetarian ingredients can do.

Check out some grilled vegetables for the vegetarian-barbecue

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