Weber-smoker the secret to great barbecue

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The weber-smoker is the best bang for the buck out there when it comes to the meat-smokers for both beginners as well as seasoned veterans.

Why is this? The barbecue-smoker is high quality that's all you need to know. Sturdy as a rock and will last you a lifetime.

There is nothing bad I can say about this charcoal-smoker except that I wish they had a bigger model. Now I wrote this in 2003 and guess what Weber came out with a bigger smoker.

So now there are 2 choices you can pick. There is the weber-smoker that is 18 inches and there is one that is 22 inches. The difference is the price of $100.

When I use the 18 inch model I used to stack I used to stack the ribs on top of each other but with the 22 inch model that's no longer necessary when you're cooking a lot. Now you can cook ribs and brisket and chicken all at the same time.

Make sure you watch the video below and add your thoughts about the Weber-smoker below.

Order from Amazon here its the lowest price on the web and the quickest way to get your water-smoker.

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Weber-smoker is ready to use

You open the box and its already all put together-no screws to screw. its all done for you. this barbecue-smoker is ready for action. Most charcoal-smokers that are cheaper you need to screw together and its a pain in the you know where.

This model is ready to roll and you will need to pick up a chimney and a bag of charcoal and some ribs-thats all. There is no aggravation here, and the product was solidly built.

It's coated with enamel so it won't rust like some of the other smokers I have owned. the smoker has a 10 year warranty and is nickel coated and my 2 are now going strong after 15 years of constant use.

I have been buying my weber products through Amazon. They are now charging sales tax in some states but they still have the cheapest prices out there even with sales tax.

What's good is that they will mail it to you soon you don't have to waste gas or time traveling to pick up the smoker.

There were also some accessories that you will need to have with your smoker to make everything easy and they are not expensive.

You can also use them with you weber-grill accessories to get

The Weber smoker will put smiles on you and your ribs will be happy too.

Video from yewtoobnube showing the weber smoker cooking ribs

This video shows how to use the weber smoker.

He does something a little different then me he takes the ribs inside after 3 hours and wraps them in tin foil and puts apple juice in their sends them back to the smoker for 2 hours and openss them up and back to the grill for one more hour.

This is called the 3-2-1 method. 6 hours in total at temp around 250degrees f.

Well Im lazy and i just put the ribs out on the grill and check the water pan every two hours.

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now that you have a weber-smoker time to cook some ribs

take a look at the grill-accessories to make using the smoker an even easier joy

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