yes women-can-barbecue. My girlfriends have made delicious barbecue on the smoker and on the grill and so can you also.

Women do not be intimidated by men who say that the grill is only for them and that they are the masters of smoke and grills. Its not true.

My girlfriends make a mean barbecue ribs that they have watched on the smoker alone and they have managed as beginners to get the ribs to smoke perfectly with hickory and then they were able to get the meat to fall of the bones with no problem.

I remember the first time I suggested to Lisa that she should try to barbecue and she gave me a blank stare and asked me why? My dad never let me barbecue nor did my other boyfriends before you. They always said I should stay in the house and prepare the barbecue sides like cole slaw and potato salad . I was so surprised that she was talking to me this way that I could not believe my ears.

There are some men out there who are going to be angry with what I have said,they feel that a woman's place is inside at the kitchen preparing the ingredients and that only a man can be able to perform the magic with hickory smoke.

They still feel that a women's place is in the house not outside except when its time to serve the men and then to clean up the dishes.

Well women-can-bbq

Can-women-barbecue? Sure they can and they can do this without the help of a man if they want to. Just follow my pages to learn how to use a smoker and grill and you can barbecue also.


Women are not there just to make sides or desserts

Women are just as capable as man when it comes to barbecuing and also to grilling. How about eating great barbecue desserts? I know everyone out there want to lose weight but its not just about losing weight its about eating the right desserts that will keep the weight off women and men out there! Try some great desserts here that we use and

Why is barbecueing better then eating pasta?

Women and men also barbecue is protein and s better to eat then starchy foods. Its easy to eat good barecue and by checking how much barbs you take in you can keep your weight lower and feel better. When you stay away from lots of carbs you will not feel as tired.

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I BBQ with out my boyfriend 
My ex boyfriend never let me BBQ ribs or brisket he said women belong inside so I broke up with him. Then he came back like a sick puppy crying to take …

i made my own brisket Not rated yet
hi my family said i should wait for my husband to learn to bbq but i did not want to wait and have been reading everything here and made a brisket-can …

i'm bbqing thanks to you barbecued on memorial day Not rated yet
i bbqed on memorial day ha ha on my boyfriend made him stay in the kitchen while i did the grill thnks to your advice

i love to bbq and im a woman Not rated yet
hi my name is adriana and i have a large family with 4 brotherd. i am the only sister. my parents and brothers never let me bbq when i was living at home. …

I BBQ with out my boyfriend Not rated yet
My ex boyfriend never let me BBQ ribs or brisket he said women belong inside so I broke up with him. Then he came back like a sick puppy crying to take …

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women-can-barbecue and they can eat some great desserts

Women are alot smarter then men

My girlfriend Adriana told me an interesting point that I never considered as I am only a man. She told me Alan it is not that we don't know how to barbecue,- women-can-barbecue! Did you ever consider that maybe we don't want to hang out in the sun and with the flies in the summer?

Well I never thought about this-are women using us man and sweet talking us just to get us to act macho and cook at the grill?

Control any man here is a great book- my girlfriend used it on me

I used to think that I was in control over barbecue and the way I date women. Well when I met Adriana she made me act like a puppy dog running after her- I later found out why only after we were together for a year. how Adriana got me

Armed with the knowledge how to get a man.

Now when you want to get a man and make him adore you the next step is to find him. The preferred way is to be introduced through friends but face it most of your friends are married and hardly know anyone that is single. well a good website for online dating in that case is So if you are looking remember one thing- women-can-barbecue better then a man everyday!

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