your sodastream machine changed my life

by Marie
(Naples florida)

so i was dating this guy for several month who i really liked but he wasnt really into me,he was seeing some other girls also.
I read your article here and first laughed but the more I thought about this it sounded like a good idea,he like root beer and i never have enough root beer around
So i got the sodastream kit and set it up it was easy. took me 20 minute including opening the box. When he came over and say my soda maker he started asking for the diet rasberry cranberry and wanted a root beer too. I gave him the root beer with some vanilla ice cream.
He seems to want to come over everyday-well that was a month ago.
Now he was over yesterday and after dinner while drinking some soda he gave me an engagement ring-thanks to your advice thanks-and he is cool he is a dentist.

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