Barbecue with great tips and secrets of charcoal smokers and grills

Barbecue can you smell the aroma? You love bbq! and you can master the secrets of cooking Great Bbq!

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You have come to the right place if you love bbq! I mean ribs,brisket pulled pork and we make it here. We learn together. If you are like me and you hear the word barbecue or grill you probable love the cooking with the smoker and grill.

My friend you are most welcome to come hang out with us and learn the specialty of cooking with smoke especially hickory.

You Can Master The Secrets of grilling and smokers and have great barbecue!

Great Barbecue!

You will save money cooking your ribs and brisket that is better then any restaurant! Why stand in line at the Bbq joint when you can have a delicious Q at home made by you.

Hi my name is Big Al. If smoking and grilling meats was a religion-I would be the high priest. Yes some people need therapy, medication and the occasional hug! At this stage in my life I have come to realize that sure,Victoria Secrets and Channel Perfume are sexy to some, Ralph Lauren sexy to others,but for me There is nothing sexier then a plate of bbq baby back ribs with some cole slaw on the side.

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Or how about an especially big plate of hot guts- that's a secret Texas word-thats jalopeno sausage to you all with a big plate of pork or beef ribs with lots of potato salad and a giant ice tea sweet or unsweet)!

If you want the best ribs online your looking on them below

I will show you some great bbq desserts that you can make or buy or even how to eat chocolate with bbq

Since 1992 I have been firing up the smoker every weekend and often during the week. I first fell in love with Bbq in Florida when I looked into moving there-I ate at Sonny's joint then in Texas the bbq center of the world-and decided to bring it up to New York.

My family thought I had lost it having those strange equipment-the water smokers on my porch. Normal New Yorkers use grills-people asked me. What those things were? They had never seen smokers before-they thought I was weird.

Well I got myself several charcoal smokers thru the mail,some hickory chips from North Carolina and I started to barbecue in the winter of 1993 in Port Jefferson New York -smoking and grilling on my porch when it was snowing.

My neighbors came close to calling the fire department on me not knowing what that beautiful hickory smoke smell was all about in the beginning.

They thought I was mad cooking out in 20 degree weather while it was snowing. The New York Winters took a toll on my barbecue in two ways-cooking smoking a turkey is hard when its 35 degrees and my smokers rusted so I finally moved to the southwest- Phoenix Arizona in 1999.

I was planning an escape to the bbq friendly part off the USA the Valley of the Sun.

I learned by fire-barbecuing ribs,brisket and chicken and learned how to make my "hit or miss" rubs---I got it right I guess and for me barbeque is a way of life.

If you are into bbq like me you know what I am talking about. Its like bbq is a major part of your life. I am alway trying to come up with smoking better ribs or a nice big pork butt.

I have 2 charcoal-smokers,one electric smoker and a charcoal grill and barbecue is always on my mind. My freezer always in stocked with baby back ribs and sausage not to mention a nice brisket.

I hope to give you some of my knowledge if you are new to the smoking meats way of life. We will discuss how to start-picking the best equipment-smokers and grills.

We will discuss essential accessories, selecting meats,and other recipes. Soon my friend you will be making great bbq also and you will have to keep your friends and neighbors coming to your "barbecue joint."

We will talk about steak also from great cows of the southwest and Midwest.I love a good T-bone steak with eggs and a short stack of blueberry pancakes in the morning.

Bout then I love the southwest where you can have a breakfast burrito or chorizo with eggs and chili sauce too -and don't forget the pancakes!

My favorite steak is Rib eye. Oh I love the taste of a good ribeye in the morning especially one that has great marbling-thats one that has some fat mixed in the meat. The best Rib eyes are from Stock Yards

We will also discuss some important tips on keeping your smokers and grills clean. We will discuss using a steamer which is a great cleaning device for the whole home because it does not use harmful chemicals.

So lets start-click on the left side and the bottom are different topics.

In several weeks you will be Thebarbecuemaster of your neighborhood.

Jasmine the bbq kitten greets you

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All you need to know about barbecue

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